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eletriarnation 21 years ago
I haven't played the game yet...But i'm really excited. Aww Geez. :thmbup
Nuts 20 years ago
You really have to play the game to unterstand the meaning on Bikez 2. I like to drive aroud the city with the speed of a rocket. It´s even crazyer to shoot people then.
LunaticNeko 20 years ago
VroommmmmmmM! Bang! ARRRGHH! [Mission Accomplished] Yeah it's fun! And I hope that Ville will be 'God of Freeware' someday.
Wicked 20 years ago
badguy... what the heck man?
why do you insist on "reviving" old posts? this post was dated april of LAST YEAR, can't you just leave the old posts be?
Click 20 years ago
maybe he wants to post more so he becomes a alien queen or somethin
superknijn 20 years ago
Badguy, The Greatest Alien Queen, Also The Magical Reviver !
(maybe a special rank for Badguy, ville)
Forum » Hey...

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