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Ultimate psionic combination

Triptrippen 17 years ago
Please post psionic combinations here. everytime i want one i have to randomly put things together and it takes forever to figure out what i want.
Anarion 17 years ago
A topic like this already exists, in future use the search button first.

[Edit]Hmm... does anyone know what happened to the Psionic spoiler thread? I can't seem to find it. I distinctly remember reading it, but I can't find it anymore.
harwe 17 years ago
maybe we should sticky a spoiler page for spoilers only and no discussions
EDIT: ahh i found it!
"lizard" said:

Psionic tokens, their combinations and effects:

Mass. Use it near Healing Plant to store some health in a container.
Motion. Motion detector.
Heat. Warms up.
Liquid (complete Liquid Planescape to get it). Cools down.
Lifeforce (complete Lifeforce Planescape to get it). Converts Energy into Health.
Void (complete Void Planescape to get it). Converts Health into Energy.
Dash (Mass+Motion). Speeds up eventually (like propulsion boots).
Focus1 (Heat+Motion). Use it near water pool to enter Liquid Planescape.
Immolation (Heat+Mass). Makes fire.
Blast (Dash+Heat). Psionic's weapon.
Mystery1 (Liquid+Motion).
Focus2 (Liquid+Mass). Use it near Green Altar to enter Lifeforce Planescape.
Chill (Liquid+Blast). Freezes enemies.
Armor (Mystery1+Mass). Gives protection.
Decoy (Focus2+Heat). Makes up to 2 dopplegangers of psionic.
Mystery2 (Lifeforce+Liquid).
Mystery3 (Lifeforce+Heat).
Strength (Lifeforce+Dash). Makes psionic able to carry items (up to 100 weight total).
Poison (Focus1+Lifeforce). Shoots a poisonous blast.
Conversion (Mystery1+Lifeforce). Makes enemy fight on your side.
Field (Lifeforce+Armor). Armor with effect similar to stasis field.
Focus3 (Mystery2+Heat). Use it near crack in the air to enter Void Planescape.
Mystery4 (Void+Motion).
Mystery5 (Void+Lifeforce).
Drain (Void+Mystery3). Drains enemy's health.
Time (Mystery4+Liquid). Slows enemies down (similar to alien's feral rage).
Teleport (Mystery4+Heat). Teleports psionic to a safe place.
Mystery6 (Mystery5+Mass).
Ally (Mystery6+Liquid). Creates Sand Golem (needs 12 sand, 10 pebbles, 3 life containers) that fights on your side.

* Mystery combinations don't have any effect, they are just transitional.

Correct me if i've missed something.
Anarion 17 years ago
Thats the one, where'd you find it?
harwe 17 years ago
i always keep losing it.... dammit.... ahh here it is:
EDIT: dead link
useful but ull forget where it is often
blackmidget 16 years ago
the link is dead.
MageKing17 16 years ago
That link really ought to contain a "f=?" before the "t=1142" part. I could always supply random numbers to it and see what happens, of course.

...Nope, none of our forums have a thread "1142", apparently.

EDIT: Actually, never mind, the "f=?" part isn't necessary. Nonetheless, none of our forums have a thread 1142.
harwe 16 years ago
Note that the post was before the cleanup so that was when there was much more threads... if you want to know about the combination then look at the stickied Ultimate Combinations thread.
MageKing17 16 years ago
...Hmph, I didn't even bother checking the post date. I'd just assumed nobody would possibly reply to a post like that two years late for the hell of it.
Narvius 16 years ago
My item spoiler thread contains a psionic token combinations part.
harwe 16 years ago
Oh yeah, i posted it there too
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