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pretty sweet.

raist 20 years ago
:grins,it looks alot like diablo...
nice game,i bet it was hard for you to make it.
now im making games my self,not as good as yours
but they work for me.
Rpg games is my stile.
once i made a shooter,but it was sooooo lame!
anyway you making good games.i wonder
what program are you using?
im using a simple 3d games maker program.
im not a good programmer thats why im using easy programes.
but im planing to start making games seriously,just like you.
im 14 years old from israel.
and mage bane is one of the nicest rpg games i ever saw...
except that you see from above above,its hard to see.
looks a bit like xenimus,only xenimus is a MMORPG.
im creating a site right now,ill post my games on it.
theres one i almost finished,its called The Rampage.
its not 3d,its 2d,but it has a nice story.
again your game is very good.
but i prefer the forge.
(please make a new version of the forge,with shields and different arenas.) because i really love that game.i already beat it like 10000 times,but it never gets me annoyed or bored.
OverTilt 20 years ago
Aahhh! Your writing is forcing my brain to believe the text is supposed to rhyme! STOP STOOOOP IT!

Anyway, sounds fun. You keep making games and some day you might be the next John Carmack.
ville 20 years ago
But it does rhyme!
(On this forum was a mime)

Thanks raist!
(But the mime was banned after a bank heist)

I can't wait to see your next production.
(Now he's having a liposuction)

See, you got me talking all weird!
(Or growing a beard)
OverTilt 20 years ago
The thing about this is
That I'll be annoying the mrs.
When i start rhyming all the time
You'll hear the bells chime
Not the churchbells, the ones between my legs
At least until I give her a couple of kegs
of beer
That'll make her shut up
Hmm... not alot rhymes with up, 'cept for "zup!"
Nuts 20 years ago
i wanna say that i liked your game very much and i am gonna play it more. I am gonna take it my grave with me if i have to, cause when i am dead i wanna play the game for annother 80. years. I guess you know what i mean, and if you don´t you must be [moderated: please, no insults]. There i´ve got nothing more to say but good bye and hope that i can write to you agin.
Crazy 20 years ago
the game of the day,
in the month of may*
magebane II is the way
to go in the bay**

And isuck finally got banned
I guess next he'll get canned.

ahem, i should really practice this, i'd get my rap rhyming.

* and **=only in the poem, because they rhymed.
Eternal 20 years ago
Hey raist wat program you using, i am also trying to make a game, though the only good programs out there arent exaclty noob friendly i'm using director at the moment but i've only got it cause my bro's a multimedia designer, and it costs quite a packet. then again theres kazaa
Ha! i didnt rhyme or tell the crime

wats the weather like where ever everyone is?
in australia its hot hot hot hot! 35+ degrees (celsuviorseuceisful celcius cant spell ) im trying to attach a bucket of ice behind my fan just to keep cool cause the @*#%&T^@#% aircondionting doesnt reach my room and its really stuffy & humid and i sweat so much my optical mouse goes crazy, so ive had to use a flannel beneath my arm. Wats it like in isreal/europe (Villé)/us (quanrian)? dont kno where everyone else lives.
ville 20 years ago
Hmm... Today is pretty warm considering the time of the year, it's only some -10 degrees. More often than not it's -20 or below.
ZeXLR8er 20 years ago
Hey! I live in Australia too! (For all you people who looked at my profile and thought that I lived in 4 Ville Corp Avenue, Ville Corp, Notrium, I've moved.)
I live about 2 hours south of Sydney, it's about 28 degrees outside, which is pretty good.
-10!! warm!???? I think living in Finland would be more harsh than Notrium!
No offence, but gee, my fingers would freeze off before I could start typing!

I don't think we've heard from Raist for a while so I don't think (Prove me wrong by sending a reply, Raist) you'll get a reply from him.

For someone who wants to make their own game for free, there is a great program called GameMaker. (original name, eh!)
Crazy 20 years ago
heh, freezing?! Well, it's a average temperature in december or january here, but still. In greece or so, the spring or fall temperature is some +20 and theire wearing coats at the time. But hay, it's the generations people have been here/there. Because i'd get sick and dizzy at +28. All these temperatures are celsius, btw.

[edit/] that's because the guy i'm living in, is quite old (see address)
ZeXLR8er 20 years ago
Ah.. So you're from Finland too! :bounce
(see adress?)
Crazy 20 years ago
no, look at my CP, there's location there.

but actually i live in Estonia

[edit/]zexlr8er: and my fingers would freeze off, too, if it were -10. It's just that there's this great invetion called 'gloves' that keep my fingers warm. (this post was not ment to make fun of you, but if i did, sorry)
ZeXLR8er 20 years ago
Ahh... 'Gloves'. They must be a good invention. What could these 'gloves' be? some type of heat field, or maybe a rare type of onion that heats you when you cut it up? *) They just have to be included in the new version of Notrium!

EDIT: Braincell 15, Hypotamus city. I'll have to go there sometime. Is it an interesting place?
Crazy 20 years ago
:grins :grins :grins

But it would be a good one to add it to notrium. Maybe just as an easter egg. Or maybe we should make kind of stasis field that only protects you from cold and name it 'gloves'. If someone wants, i can think up a story why it's called that way.

Well actually it is, come visit. i never worry about theives, my virus (it's not a parrot!!!) scares them away. Not many southerns (bloodcells) live here, though, so we have quite some crime here. Vyrus (that's my viruses name (original, aint it?)) scares all the theives away from my neighbourhood, though, so it's quite safe here (i should writhe a story about "the aventures of the brain"
Yoshi 20 years ago
Do all of you use programmers to make games? i use raw scripting.. id love to know any programmers o yea if you wann see my game <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> its ultima 7 style programmers are very rare (free) so if you can pllleeeze tell me i really need one thanks!
Murska 20 years ago
And here is something like +8, in middle of summer, maybe little bit colder than usual... maybe 2 degrees.
Crazy 20 years ago
and you live... where?
Murska 19 years ago
finland of course!
Idiota 19 years ago
mmm well, I guess you could guess that it's raining where I live. It's freakin vacation and it's raining *grumble*.

I guess when you're living in a brains the rain wouldn't bother you eh crazy?
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