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Promising, but...

hydra9 20 years ago
Hey there Ville.

I've been playing Bikez II, and I really like the idea. I've heard people saying it's too similar to GTA3 or Carmageddon, but I disagree. In fact, the game reminds me of one of my all-time favourite games: <a href=",2/gameId,96/">Quarantine</a>. Did you ever play this game? It's fantastic, but sadly a real bitch to get running on modern PCs. Anyway, like I said, it merely reminds me of this game - It doesn't seem like a rip-off (which is good, obviously!)

I really like the dark mood of the game, and the texturing used on the buildings (The building design, too - especially that one with the weird ball-thing at the top). I like the handling of the bike when you're just driving around. I also like the mission descriptions, and the fact that there are variations (e.g. break this guy out of jail -or- kill the three judges who put him in there).

In fact, I thought this game was going to be great, but sadly, it all went to hell during combat. Killing pedestrian targets wasn't too bad, but trying to kill bikers was a nightmare. They seem to have no AI, so just keep going round in circles, slamming themselves into the walls. This makes them look stupid, and also makes them difficult to hit. It doesn't make them dangerous - It just means that combat is a real chore. Also, at least at low upgrade levels (I don't know about the higher levels), your weapons are very hard to aim and feel very weak. I only managed to kill the first biker target when he got himself stuck in a corner. Then I just sat behind him and tediously tapped away at the fire buttons. The 'slowdown' mode doesn't seem to do much, either.

Anyway, like I said, I really like the atmosphere, graphics and overall idea of this game. It just really needs some kind of rudimentary AI for the enemies, maybe some tightening up of the controls and I think that, even at their default levels, the weapons need to be a bit more 'meaty.' You have something really promising here, and if you ever made a 'Bikez III', it could be a real winner!


P.S. Oh yeah, and I really liked your music, too. It suited the game well, and was imaginative and different.
P.P.S. If you never played Quarantine, and have an old 486 sitting around to play it on, I highly recommend it.
OverTilt 20 years ago
Ahhhh! Quarantine! Now that was a fun little game. "yo! Taxi!"

I'd love to play that game again some time.
hydra9 20 years ago
Hey, OverTilt...I recognise that name from somewhere.

<a href="">Noctis</a> right?

You can run but you can't hide
OverTilt 20 years ago
Yeah, that's me! ^_^

If you found this site through the Noctis forum, I was even the one who TOLD you about this place! Muahahahahah!
ville 20 years ago
Thanks Hydra9!

I played Quarantine all right. I played it trough several times, the last being last year. (Alright I admit it, I've got a game addiction)

A lot of the game atmosphere came from that old game, although I didn't quite manage to make the actual gaming side that good at the time. Still the game was a success, a lot more than a 100 000 downloads from

You're absolutely right about the AI, the bikers didn't quite know what to do with you. Originally I was going to add cars and a lot of other stuff, but it all had to be let go because I ran out of time.

I'm still saving the Bikez III making for the killer idea, the one and only true reason to make the game. But it hasn't yet hit me, so we're still waiting.
hydra9 20 years ago
Hey Ville!

I'm really glad you're a Quarantine fan, too! What an amazing game...

Anyway, the thing that hit me while playing Bikez was this: If anyone could succeed in making a new game that evoked the same kind of atmosphere as Quarantine, then I think it would be you. Bikez already has that cool, dark Quarantine-esque atmosphere, and the mission descriptions have a Quarantine feel to them, as well.

I hope that 'killer idea' hits you someday. I can't wait!

Good luck, and thanks!
clogmonkey 19 years ago
you must, MUST!!!!!! make bikesIII
ville 19 years ago
I've seen a few tries from big companies recently, can't recall the names though. None of them have succeeded to my knowledge. But these days a Quarantine warmup wouldn't do, you'd have to make it more like GTA. And that's an endless swamp, couldn't do it by myself.
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