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Forum » I'll have to go on vacation.

I'll have to go on vacation.

LunaticNeko 17 years ago
It was a school trip to Wanakorn Beach, Thap Sakae, Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Wanakorn Beach, or literally, "Foresters' Beach", is a national forest park under ... National Parks, of course. But it's also a kind of "territory" under Kasetsart University as well.

I will be there for a school trip, actually, for a hard-camp there. I'll depart at about 0645hrs 01/29 from Kasetsart University in Bangkok, and will return at around 1600hrs 02/02. Which a few hours later then I might be able to be online again.

Oh, sorry if this topic is a duplicate... because I had some kind of mind distortion today that I might think I've done something once even though I've really done it twice.

As for the good news before I go, I got 94% at the regional round of MOS Olympic 2007 for MS Excel 2003 yesterday. Please help yourself at my blog for the whole thing: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> .

Edit... as it's bedtime now I won't have any time to answer before I go. See you later! ^__^
Idiota 17 years ago
Ok man. Have fun.
LunaticNeko 17 years ago
I'm here to say that I'm back and can receive calls and other useful(?) conversations.

PS. Nice new trash bin you have there!
Anarion 17 years ago
Welcome back Thai. You enjoy you trip?
E_net4 17 years ago
Did you enjoy the garbage? XD
LunaticNeko 17 years ago
Well, it was some kind of camp that all grade-10'ers have to go. It consisted mostly of recreational things... games, and stuffs... just a few things ceremonial. I was really thoughtless there... fooled around and done idiot stuffs like rolling on the beach into the sea, or writing strange news to the PR division.

Our group, House 18, won most of the good and bad awards, ranging from...

- #2 at those exercises.
- #1 in "Adventures!"
- #2, Aladdin bonfire play
- #1 as Laos in Wanakorn Games = =" (even though you call us Lao, we still won!)
- Golden Broom (night 2), as the dirtiest house ever

There was also dancing, I mean, those ballroom dances. I must say... well, I swear... I danced with like 7 girls that night, where most of them dragged me off >_<

I am really tired after all those things were over. =_=
Madgamer 17 years ago
I never liked camps. Too me they were like, uggh...

Of course, you get to be around your parents away for a while and do god-knows-what but, damn, do I miss being on a computer.

The last time I went to camp, it was living hell. It was a week long, and guess what, I'm like the only one the 3 Asians inside the whole camp. The rest of 300 something other people were white or Mexicans. No kidding. First day, it 'twas quite quiet. Then the rest of the other days, I thought I was one of the guys at Doom beating the hell out of... hell.

In the system of racism, in the camp, this is how it works. If you beat up one of those messed up Mexicans, then they'll bring more until you're down.

Even though I literally kicked their ass, you still see them coming to ya like zombies, only they bite harder, and talk about some odd crap.

If you didn't remember camp like this, ku. Otherwise, you better workout and take martial arts class. It F'ing helps.
Idiota 17 years ago
Paul van Dyk - We are Alive. No, this isn't spam.
Forum » I'll have to go on vacation.

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