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How to disable information in lower left during play

sharpnova 17 years ago
A few times during play, my hand has brushed against the keyboard while playing Notrium and some numbers appeared in the lower left. I assume the yare fps indicators or something.

All I know is that they seriously slow down gameplay.

I'm using a computer that is probably far more powerful than anything 99% of the rest of you are using (geforce 8800).

QUESTION: How do I disable this?

I systematically hit every single damn key on my keyboard and could not turn the numbers off. There is nothing in the options and nothing in the readme. I searched the forums for 'fps' 'frames' and 'lower left' and could find no answer to this question so if you want to flame me for asking an already asked and answered question, don't waste your breath.
Grim Reaper 17 years ago
The game is pretty much unsupported as of late.

Also, I don't know the answer to your problem, sorry. Never happened over here.
Amarth 17 years ago
I think I know what it is: you can have the framerate displayed by hitting the numpad "+" IIRC. Though, for some strange reason, hitting the "-" won't remove it, but will make it give numbers around 0, as if you roughly take the FPS and subtract them again (perhaps averaged out somewhere or something). I found that to be very strange, but I think restarting the game or even returning to the menu fixes it, so I didn't worry too much about it. Also, I don't remember it affecting performance for me, and that was on a Celeron 433 MHz with a TNT2 .
Anonymous1157 17 years ago
If it slows down a computer with an 8800, then you should deactivate SLI. I'm sure you've read the documentation or something, and it clearly says that SLI sometimes makes a game slower.

If you don't have SLI, I can't help you. Although, if you're fairly convinced that this is a hardware issue, give us your specs. You could have an 8800, but it could be running on a Celeron for all we know.
Forum » How to disable information in lower left during play

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