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Notrium FAQ (Please read before posting questions)

Quanrian 20 years ago
Ok I can see alot of the same questions are getting asked over and over and Ville is a bit busy with the game to keep answering them over and over. So I'm going to answer as many of the common questions as I can.

1. I'm starving to death and I soon die, how do I stop this ?

Ok there are two things you can do, and you can also do them both together. Easiest thing to do is just eat a mushroom, they are all over but they are limited. The second thing you can do is build a Food Replicator. On to the next question.

2. How do I build a Food Replicator and how can I get the most use out of it?

Combine a Replicator Cell add a Specimen Jar to it then an Food Generator Chip. Ok now how to get the most out of it you're going to need Ether, you'll an Ether unit to create a Generated Ration, eat mushrooms as often as possible since they don't weight you down. You only can build one Food Replicator, so make sure you pick a good spot for it, but you can always move it be wary that is heavy and will weigh you down. You'll also probably want to place the Food Replicator very close to your Stasis Field.

3. Ok, now you're wondering how the heck do you make a stasis field, and believe me, you'll want one if you're going to survive long as it protects you from heat, cold and starving.

To build a Stasis Field you need to combine a Force Field Generator with an Energy Unit, read up on how to build an Energy Unit. Than you add a Computer Unit to it and place it. It will not protect you from aliens and they will kill you if you try to camp under it without any protection.

4. Ok I've got my food and I've got my stasis, but those damn aliens keep attacking me, what can I do ?

Well you can shoot them, which will cost you energy and you'll have to leave the stasis, or you can build a Turret. A Turret can be made by combining a Long metal Rod with an Laser Pistol and a Motion Detector.

5. Wait a minute.. how do I make a Laser Pistol ?

Combine a Light Diode with an Energy Unit. This will give you some light protection.

6. Laser Pistol sucks, Its not killing them quick enough, what is the best weapon I can get and how do I make it ?

The most powerful weapon in the game is the Sniper Pistol. It does have its downsides but it can take down any normal creature in one shot and from a very long distance away. You can make one by combining a Pistol with a Long Metal Rod and you have the most powerful weapon in the game. It has a long reload time and every bullet has to be made individually from Ether and a Bullet. You should be able to kill even the most powerful creatures in a few shots.

7. Thats all good an swell but I'm running out of energy. Help me !

Tsk tsk that warp gun ran you all out of energy. There are several solutions to this. Grab one of those blue plants and that'll give you some energy back. You can also build a Battery Charger by combining a Battery Charger Chip with a Fuel Converter, read what I said about getting the most from your Food Generator, the same applies, just instead of mushrooms use blue plants as much as possible as it will cost you a Fuel Cell to recharge with the Battery Charger. Also it is a good idea to place it close to your stasis. The third thing you can do is make a Battery Extension by combining a Long metal Rod with a De/ Magnetizer. The Battery Extension will give you 30 more points to the max you can store.

8. All that is good, but I'm freezing and burning to death. How do I stop this ?

You can rest under your Stasis Field. You can find shade during the day time to avoid getting a heat stroke and you can stand near a fire or move alot during the night to keep from freezing. There are also Ice Packs scatter about that can quickly cool you down or you can make a torch to quickly warm you up by first combining Ether with Firewood, than using it near a fire to ignite it.

9. I don't like doing the puzzle.

Puzzles no longer exist in version 1.2, instead there is a Timing Bar that counts down, it also forces you to now take real time in the game to combine things. You CAN be attacked and killed while combining an item so be careful, as everything that could effect you normally outside of the inventory can effect you while combining an item.

10. I've beaten all the endings, what now ?

There is probably going to be yet another Expansion for version 1.2 that will expand the game even more, so look out for that. In the mean time you might try Modding the game

11. I'm using an Android and using the laser pistol tends to send me to my doom, what can I do ?

Well you should be using the Pebble Shotgun, just add a Long Metal Rod to a Powered Particle Accelerator which is a Particle Accelerator + Energy Unit and you've got yourself a low drain weapon. There are alot of no energy drain weapons that you can find in version 1.2. One good example is the Welding Torch which while it is not an effective weapon uses no ammo or energy so its great as a first weapon and can be used to break open the Containers in the Ville Corp Area.

12. What is the best way to start modding Notrium ?

You'll want to find core objects, which basically are your template for whatever you want to add. For example if you want to add lets say.. a new health item, maybe even one that hurts you, you'll want to reference the Healing Plant. You're also going to want to read the Modding FAQ included with Notrium's Help.

13. I keep getting lost. Can you help me ?

You're in luck with the new Long Range Scanner you'll be able to see the adjacent areas without any trouble and it should help you find your way around. you can build this helpful item by simply combining a Glass Tube with a Subspace Radio. It also helps to use Unlit Pulse Beacons.

14. How does this new weight system work ?

Every item you can carry now has a weight and can also be dropped. Each race has their own maximum weight they can carry and once they go over that limit they will have their speed reduced the more they encumber themselves. You'll want to drop items off that are weighting you down. A good practice is to mark your stashes with a Pulse Beacon if you've got them. Make sure to check your inventory periodically to see how close you are to being encumbered.

15. How can I keep track of my ammunition for my weapons ?

Thankfully ammo now shows above the weapon, so you will no longer have to constantly check your inventory. Weapons that don't use ammo will almost always use Energy and so you'll check that to see how much ammo you have if you're using an Energy draining weapon. The only weapon that has no Energy drain and doesn't use ammo is the Welding Torch, but it is also very weak and does not make for an effective weapon.

16. Where is the alien I've heard about rasing, and how do I raise it ?

You'll find the alien egg in the Alien Hive. Now that is the easy part, getting it out of there alive isn't going to be so easy it will likely get killed by the aliens there. You'll want to have a good deal of ammo and probably a rapid fire weapon. If you choose an energy draining weapon make sure you have plenty of energy replenishing items. You'll need to feed the larva to make it into an egg, it will only eat brown aliens, so its a good idea to collect them first. You'll need 3 to make the larva cacoon, which you'll need to protect for a while. After it hatches you'll need to feed it 3 more brown alien corpses. So it is a good idea to have 6 corpse as you might guess. Once is matured, haul butt out of there. Your fully matured alien will eat brown aliens to regain health.

17. This weight limit is killing me, is there anyway to counter it ?

Yes there is actually. You can find Anti-Gravity Devices that will allow to carry 15 more units. You can only find two, so the you can get 30 more units total if you get both. You get them from the Large Robots. Good Luck

18. I can't get on the hoverbike. The moment I use it, it drops me.

You need to have Ether in your inventory to use the bike.

19. I'm playing the Psionic, and I can't find any water!

Try searching in the Ship Graveyard.

20. What happened to the Notrium File Viewer ?

The Notrium File Viewer of NFV became out of date once the author stopped working on it. We don't suggest using it as it will actually corrupt your data files. The main use for the editor was always finding syntax errors and beyond that it just far quicker to edit things by hand.

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