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Madgamer 17 years ago
An idea came up and...

You know what? We don't need a boring introductory post, so just post here about what you love or just hate personally.

Favorite color: Red, then pink (Just add white!)
Sport: Soccer
PS2: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
PC: A cross between Soldat and Wesnoth. Wesnoth has the most mature players I've ever seen. So far, I have seen no n00bs but more newbs and the such.
-Hard drive wasted for games: 3.58GB
Favorite types of guns: Sniper Rifle

...What's yours?


Favorite type of music: Non-vocal-le
Other than that, just game remixes >.>
Grim Reaper 17 years ago
Favorite colour: Dark purple, black, something in those lines.
Sport: WiiSports.
--- PC: Blockland Retail / WoW / HL2
--- Xbox: Halo 2.
HD "wasted" for games: Most of my ~100GB...I think.
Favorite types of guns: The ones that kill my enemies.
Anonymous1157 17 years ago
Favorite color: Dark blue
Sport: Soccer
--- PC: Garry's Mod
--- C64: Little Computer People
--- NES: Metroid
--- Genesis: Sonic series
HDD wasted for games*:
--- Before reformat: 70/75GB
--- After reformat: 33/153GB
Favorite type of gun: Stuff launcher (OMFG MELONS! WIIIIIII *splat*)

* I got a smaller HDD that Windows recognizes as full-sized without a service pack, so I actually got to use the whole thing. My last HDD was 300GB, although I could only install Windows on 100GB of it unless I did some trickery which my dad did NOT allow me to do and instead gave me my current HDD which sucks. I wanted to get a SATA drive.
Madgamer 17 years ago

You guys have godly amount of hard drive space.

I'm using this crappy ass computer that only stores 18.6GB (!). My other hard drive has a total of 57.6GB. I really do need a badass hard drive now.... ops:
Thaif 17 years ago
Favorite color(s)
Copper, Bronze, Gold, Brown.

Western Martial Arts/Swordmanship, Zui Quan

NES & SNES: Castlevania Series, Contra, Mario's and many other Classics.

PC: WoW, Civ IV, RA2.

Hard drive put into quality use for games
19,0 Gt out of 34,1 Gt.

Favorite types of gunz
Submachineguns, Flintlock and other classical, inventive and retro futuristic gunz n' gizmoz.(Lumen ex Consilium)

Favorite type of music
Industrial Rock, Metal, Ambients, Game Music's...Practically anything.
MageKing17 17 years ago
Favorite color: Blue
Sport: None.
PS2: Final Fantasy XII
PC: One of the following (but I'll be damned if I know which): Freespace 2, Homeworld 2, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Space Empires IV, or Morrowind.
Hard drive wasted for games: 0GB (Any harddrive space used for games is not wasted)
Favorite types of guns: Sniper Rifle, Pistol, World-Destroying Cannon.
Favorite type of music: That which focuses on actual melodies instead of lyrics (if you want to focus on the lyrics, write a fucking poem).
Madgamer 17 years ago
Seems like everybody is following what I'm doing, which I really didn't mean to >.> Creativity is dead.

Anyways, seems like I forgot more to post.

Hobby: experimenting with napalm, explosives, and keyboard jamming.

Favorite class: Heh, as if there is.

Favorite TV show: I actually tend to waste more time here than on TV, less on YouTube. In fact, those are mostly filled with shitload of crap.

Best present: A 5500GT Graphic card from Christmas. Santa gave me a crappy ass card that I don't even need.

Favorite gun attachment: Silencer, shoot one in the head, nobody will know. Let's move onto the next target.

Favorite bomb: Cluster shotgun rounds. If this can be made, it'll be so goddamn CEWL!
varsi 17 years ago

Color: Deep Black(?), Deep Blue, Green, Chrome.
Sport: Ugh.. I don't like sports. Maybe hockey.

PS2: Guitar Hero.
PC: Well, I'm trying to get rid from this but.. WoW.

In-games: Sniper Rifle in FPS-games.
IRL: Hammer, saw, fork, everything what you can use to kill.

Hard drive wasted for games: 29.6GB
TV show: Mostly, television is full of crap nowadays, so I won't answer.
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