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Pros and Cons

Anarion 17 years ago
Here's a little fun.

The Pros and Cons of Alcohol.


- You talk a lot, and everything you say is really smart.
- You know the Lyrics to every song..... despite what others claim.
- You become a truly gifted singer.....only your sober friends become jealous and claim that you aren't.
- You become a talented even invent new dance steps. (Your jealous friends claim that "Falling on your ass" isn't a dance step)
- Everyone is beautiful!

- Hangover.
- The thought of food seems to make you feel nauseous.
- Hangover.
- Your friends who stayed sober seem annoyingly smug.
- Hangover.
- That gorgeous 20 year old girl you met last night is now a 40 year old male cross-dresser
- Inability to concentrate.
- Did I mention Hangover?


Now it's someone else's turn. See if you can think of some funny pros and cons of something (it doesn't have to be alcohol).
Madgamer 17 years ago
The Pros with Cons of driving

You can exceed speeds of 120MPH and have fun.
Pedestrians are easier to hit.
You shall now see more floating things above your head.
You can do cewl skateboard-like tricks with it.
Drive-by shooting option is now available.
Suicide bombers heaven.
Your own private world.

Police will chase your ass down.
Not everywhere is accessible.
People GTA'ing your car is very likely.
You can make it look pimpy but thee shalt naught be pimp.
Harder to control.
Uses gas.
Oh the madness!
Grim Reaper 17 years ago
"Madgamer" said:
but thee shalt naught
The correct word would've been "thou".
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