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Drifrmoon Easter Eggs

iiilker99 8 years ago
Hi everyone!

I'm planning to post Easter eggs that I found in Driftmoon.

You may want to find these Easter eggs before you look.

Making games is a science and an art. So this means a game wants to share some thoughts and feelings with player, just like an art work. To learn all of these thoughts and feel all of these feelings , you need to know the game fully.


1- Knight on minimap

Here's the bridge that you fight with black knight skeleton at the graveyard. Look at the minimap. You'll see his face.

2- Secret Library

In East Monastery , go to library. Then Go to end of the library. To enter the room , walk through the left wall.

More Easter eggs coming soon! If you find one , you can post them here.
Ascereon (guest) 8 years ago
The spiders in the chamber before the black knight (the ones with the graves) are named Zoq, Fot, and Pik! The Alien race/s from Star Control 2!

Also, the graves mention quite a few Easter Eggs and Dev names? "Gamemaster Luke Starfaller, Should've let the Wookie win." etc.
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