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Drifrmoon Easter Eggs

iiilker99 10 years ago
Hi everyone!

I'm planning to post Easter eggs that I found in Driftmoon.

You may want to find these Easter eggs before you look.

Making games is a science and an art. So this means a game wants to share some thoughts and feelings with player, just like an art work. To learn all of these thoughts and feel all of these feelings , you need to know the game fully.


1- Knight on minimap

Here's the bridge that you fight with black knight skeleton at the graveyard. Look at the minimap. You'll see his face.

2- Secret Library

In East Monastery , go to library. Then Go to end of the library. To enter the room , walk through the left wall.

More Easter eggs coming soon! If you find one , you can post them here.
Ascereon (guest) 10 years ago
The spiders in the chamber before the black knight (the ones with the graves) are named Zoq, Fot, and Pik! The Alien race/s from Star Control 2!

Also, the graves mention quite a few Easter Eggs and Dev names? "Gamemaster Luke Starfaller, Should've let the Wookie win." etc.
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