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texture Fading Issue

Natace 17 years ago
I'd like to know why I can't access the modding forums or any of that, what I mean is, why can I not make any threads, it just says I need to be a moderator or need an stupid, I registered here for a reason, not to be told I don't have an invitation or whatever it was.

Anyhow. I AM in the process of making a large scale TC for the game STALKER, and am trying to a prototype/concept mod for Notrium to work off, however, I am having some troubles with textures repeating themselves and generally making a yucky looking messy repeated terrain.

Say I have a sand texture, and a road texture, the road texture fades onto the sand, it looks alright, but then I get to a carpark or something, and the white lines and stuff are all repeated so the lines for a parking spot are there, but there are also faded lines to the left and the right of them, and it looks terrible.

I believe this is probably a common error made by newbie modders of Notrium, but it may not be. So can anyone help me out here?

Sorry that this is the wrong section to post this thread in, but I have explained why that is already.

Thanks in advance.

I decided to whipe all the textures and start from scratch, doing them all one by one again, and I decided to just make a quick texture testing map to see if I would get this crappy effect again.
lo and behold, look what happened when I made this in the map editor.

Now look what happens when I try to play with these textures in the game

It's really frustrating, especially since the mod is mainly going to be based around a city, and if I have textures whiping and fading all over the place, then it's just not going to happen
How can I make it so that my textures do not do this?

I can make a road, 3 blocks wide, the top and bottom textures are just the road textures you see here, and the middle texture has a line in the middle, and it actually looks pretty darn good, but as soon as I stray off that road, for example if I make the road 4 blocks wide at one point, then all the textures around that point get screwed up and do the fading thing.
I will get a screenshot later after I redo my textures.

Ok, I've just done that example road I was talking about, In this picture, I just have a straight road going from left to right, 3 blocks wide (or high if you want) and you can see the edges are faded, and it actually looks rather nice right.

UNTIL i add another block that is to the side of the road.

As you can see, it doesnt look to great, in the bottom corner you can see the map layout and clearly there are 2 blocks that are supposed to be there, but it only shows something like half a block, and just screws the rest up.

Now I have to go I'll keep checking up here to see if anyone has responded.
Anarion 17 years ago
"Quanrian" said:
In light of how often the spam seems to pop up in this forum I've locked it down. I'm trying to set it up so we have a special group for modders. This group will be able to create threads like Mods, while everyone else can do everything but create new threads. Perhaps this isn't the best plan, but it's what the forum supports.
Does that answer your question?
Idiota 17 years ago
Sorry for the inconvinience. I moved this topic to Notrium Modding for you. However, it's been too long since I last modded Notrium, and I can't help you with your question.
Quanrian 17 years ago
The only way to keep your textures from blending is to use plot objects instead and simply tile them. I know it's tiresome, but blending is something automatically done to the terrain and it can't be toggled off. You might be able to get away with just placing a plot object over the sections that blend to give it that sharper look you seem to be going for.
Natace 17 years ago
Cheers, I should probably change the thread title aswell, how can I do that?
I don't know if the mods or admins can change it, but maybe change it to "texture fading problem" or something.

I was thinking of doing it the hard way using plot items, it'll be one huge pain in the butt, but....hmmm, I'll give it a shot.

I'm not really aiming to make one huge game at the moment, but rather, just making 3-4 levels all tied in together to show different ideas and stuff.

Unfortunately, I can't say anything about the mod, I've been learning 3d modelling, audio design, concept art etc for a while now, and well...yeah, the whole idea and concept was made a the end of 05, I started working on 3d modelling and all that since the start of 06/end of 05, and have become quite good with Maya, but since so many damn games don't support maya, or there is a stupid amount of things to do in order to import maya models into the games, I have to pretty much start from scratch with 3ds Max, seems to be alot harder than maya.
oh ..damn...i'm rambling. (I feel like a zombie right now...big day).
Anyway, the plan for the mod announcement is that I will announce it when it's done, and follow up with a 2 week ad campaign and stuff, as that is usually when hype hits it's initial peak. And I mainly don't want people trying to claim the idea or steal it or anything like that.

I can see that there would be many many problems to come out of the release idea, but I have everything pretty well worked out, so i'm prepared for the best, and the worst.

I CAN however tell you the name of the mod, and funnily enough it rhymes with Notrium. It's call "Otreum" which is a little puzzle in itself, not a hard one, but for those who want to have a very basic idea of what it's about, you can try and figure out the puzzle in the title.

Rambling again...

So i'm gonna finish this before I collapse at my computer.
Anarion 17 years ago
You should be able to change the title of the thread by editing your first post and changing the subject title.

As for the 3d modelling and audio design, would you care to help out on Notrium 3D? We wouldn't object to having another modeller on the team, and we could probably use someone else who can do sound.

The project can be found here.

There isn't much happening on the project at the moment, but we should start getting some more progress soon (I hope )
harwe 17 years ago
Woot... how nice, a STALKER mod. Im seriously hoping that you dont drop this.[/OT]
Natace 17 years ago
(WARNING!!! ANOTHER LONG POST :p sorry guys, I can't help I said before, my mind is's like every thought is a person in tokyo during peak my mind is like tokyo on hypo pills...and thats pretty darn hectic!)

Well, I've followed STALKER for a very long time and am a long term member of the oblivion-lost forum, but I am having some severe doubts about the SDK being released any time soon...sure that gives me more time to get the content for my mod done in time for the SDK's release, but one thing I need to do first is have a base, meaning I need some levels to use my content in, all I need for now is a box room to test stuff in, but I'm not how GSC are going to do the whole modding thing, because so far all I've heard is that they are only releasing the SDK for mp which is a HUGE shame, if that is the case, I will contact GSC and pretty much show them a portfolio of what I have done so far as proof that i'm serious about getting it done.

Did you try and figure out the name, it's not exactly hard to figure out :p

As for Notrium 3d and helping out.
As much as I would love to work on a project such as this, I believe that I won't be as much help as you can get from other more experienced people.

I will suggest some places where people would/could help you out.
Firstly you would already know about <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> which is mod database.
There are plenty of people in the forums looking for people to join, The site would also be great for advertising Notrium, and Notrium 3d, and having the games be much MUCH more recognized. I've seen some pretty crappy stuff on there aswell, and I don't mean to be an A-hole, but most people would look at the screens for Notrium and have a whinge that it's graphics arent all pretty, but thats ok...they miss out :p I think the graphics are fine, the screenshots look like crap though

Another place which would be EXCELLENT for the guys working on 3d modelling is <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> this is a fantastic site, the forums are very friendly, the people on the forums are incredibly helpful, and you're guarunteed to find some enthusiastic 3d modellers on there who are willing to join your team.

I can't think of anywhere else, but google is your friend, just search things like "3d modelling forum" or "3d modelling learning" etc etc

It shouldnt be very hard to find people who are good at 3d modelling, animation, texturing etc.

I love texturing aswell, it's great, I love drawing, it's also great...I'm planning on being an all rounder, but unfortunately, I can't help you with Notrium 3d, not even with music.
I may be able to help with music, but it just depends on what you're after.
I reckon if you gave me a task, like telling me that you want a long end of the world style dramatic environment soundtrack that includes such and such sounds and instruments, at such and such pace with such and such noise, etc I would be able to do it, or even just telling me "I want something that makes a person feel alone and cold" will do.

I am learning music with the program Reason 3.0 and it's great, although, music is a very VERY tiring process, and unless you have alot of patience....and headache pills, you're going to have alot of difficulty creating music, because it is so time consuming, it is repetative, it takes a great deal of concentration and emotional understanding (you have to feel the emotions created by your own music in order to make it good) to get into the songs you create.
Even songs that are quiet and cold ( kinda like the music on STALKER), are extremely hard to make. But before you even get onto making the music, you have to understand how to use the program aswell, I mainly do all my things self taught, except the 3d modelling and stuff, and it is extremely difficult, but at least being self taught, you don't get confused when reading tutorials that tell you to do things that you can't actually do with your program :p.

(I have rambled on ALOT here..only read if you want some details written with bad grammar :p )

Like I said, i'm only learning, I am good with Maya, but I'm not great or excellent, All I know how to do right now in terms of the 3d stuff is modelling. I don't know much about animation (although it's one part I am most looking forward to doing, as I am a martial artist, and I do alot of demonstrations in our Demo Team, so I do alot of choreography, and also, since I do martial arts, but different from the usual traditional stuff, we tend to get right into it, we get rough, we get real, none of this letting people grab our wrist before we do a move, it's pro-active pre emptive strikes before they get to grab our wrist, it's getting that knife the person is holding, out of the way, and digging our fingers into their eye sockets, turning that knife against them and sticking it into their stomach with them still holding it, etc.
Words won't explain realism of fighting.
But anyway, I'm blabbering on..
The point of me saying all that is that with my mod, I don't plan for it to be light hearted, it is going to be gritty (not blood everywhere) it is going to be realistic (yea yeah, how many times have you heard that....but how many times have you heard it from someone who means it?) I'm aiming for the basic gameplay of say for example...the uh...the zombies from half life 2 just swing their arms at with every other zombie imagine if those zombies did what enemies do in games like Condemned, or The dark messiah of might and magic, they grab you, they get in your face, there is nothing scary about a monster in a game swinging their arms at you, I'd be more scared if this thing charges at your screaming it's head off and physically jumping on your character knocking him to the ground and beating the living daylights out of your player...thats what i'm aiming for, yes it sounds far fetched, but I have planned it all, and it's most certainly possible, if the SDK for the dark messiah of might and magic came out, I would have demonstrations done on it to show people what I mean...unfortunately, I can't because it's not out yet.

Another thing that I really REALLY would love to do and is planned as "topping" on the base cake, is having a really interactive melee system.
For example, you have a pistol, you have an enemy that has just run around the corner and grabbed onto you, the animation shows one arm holding the enemy back away from you while you are both in a struggle, and your gun in one hand, then if you press the "special" key (i'll call it that for now), that weapon in your hand gets shoved inside the mouth of the enemy, or under the enemies chin, and BOOM!, you get blood sprayed in your eyes, you can't see anything but red, your player makes painful noises as his eyes burn from the enemies blood, he is blinded, leaving him vunerable to attack from something/someone else.
Another example, an even better one.
What do we all hate about melee weapons in games?
It's never done right, it's like developers and modders have never bothered to go outside, get a huge water melon and attack it with a knife.
Why do I say a watermelon? because it's cheap, and it's good for simulation of someones head, rockmelons are ok, but watermelons are better.
Now on that note, you probably think i'm a little screwed up in the head and a tad sadistic, but thats ok, I don't care much
the problem with games that use melee weapons is this.

Here is the example.
A watermelon is shoved onto a pole, a person swings at the watermelon, but doesnt hit it, whats the point in that, well, thats what games feel like, it feels like when I swing and stab that knife/sword, I'm not hitting anything, and I'd say the only game that does the melee thing the best is the dark messiah of might and magic, it gets right in there.
SO, back to that horrible monster watermelon that is trying to kill me, bite me, rip off my head and kick it around for fun...
Say I have a fishing gaff, which is like a pole with a hook on the end...or say I just have a big giant hook in my hand as a weapon, if I was playing in a game with that hook, you'd see that weapon swing across the screen with a ridiculous amount of blood and the enemy still standing yeah?
I don't like this one bit, it's stupid, it's boring and uninteresting, we all want to hit that watermelon, not swing infront of it (we also want to eat that watermelon too, ...but we'll ignore that for now)

So in the game, when I swing that hook, and I hit that enemy in the head with that hook, that hook aint gonna rip the enemies head off...this is solid skull bone you're talking about, joined by a spine, muscles, tendents and ligaments in the neck to hold it in what happens now...we just hit the enemy in the head with a hook...what I want to happen is that hook does something it would do in reality....get stuck.
That hook will get stuck in the enemies head, and the player has the choice to leave the hook in there and run like crazy from the other enemies, or try and get the thing back out of there to use it again.
The result in trying to get it out of there is messy....depending on what player you play as. If you play as a stronger character, (this steers away from realism and goes into grittyness here) that hook will tear out of the enemies head through the eye socket, breaking the bone on the side of the eye socket that goes around to our temple...there isn't much bone in that little area, so that is going to get ripped through....what happens there...the player gets a bloody mess on his face again, and he can't see crap...again. the enemy is dead of course, but...his friends it's best to jsut leave that hook, avoid the other enemies and come back later to grab that hook if you so choose.

Thats the kinda thing I want.
It sounds hard to do, but I'll learn...however long it takes me to learn, I don't care...but I want to get it done, and I will get it done.

There are many other things aswell, such as if your player doesnt sleep, you start suffering....initially day will be brighter, night will be darker, then you'll get a little bit of blurry vision, followed by slower movement, less energy etc...eventually, after a week without sleep, your player will collapse at some stage in the last 24 hours, and be out for another 24 if you collapse in the middle of nowhere, you're a gonner, if you collapse inside of a building that is might live, if you collapse in a safe haven, you'll be fine, and if you collapse with other people around, I might make it so that they bring you to safety.

I have said waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much already, and yet so little.
But thats just some things I wish to add to the mod. But I am not going in bullet a gate, I am getting the ingredients for the cake, then I'm going to learn how to make the cake, then I will make the cake...the cake will be a standard fps where you can run around and all the basic things are there. Once I have that all done, I will be trying to make a nice tasty topping that everyone will love, and the topping are those things I have spoken about here.
Crazy 17 years ago

That is a long post. 0.o

However, is see that your expectations from this game are pretty high. The game engine does allow for quite a bit of creativity, but i've found that to unlock it's mysteries, you need to look at the system and see what you can do with it, not think of an idea and see how the system allows that.


Lesse... gun thing... somewhat probable. Set a key to activate... well, something that will do... something with the effects of... something. Point is, you can bind keys, the rest is a bit more difficult and technical. My modding muscle is HELLA RUSTY, though, so i can't say more ATM.

Hook thingamabub: Ermgh. That's probably a no. I'm thinking of a weapon that has negative effects x on player, unless y is done. But now y is a problem. It COULD be possible to have two separate weapons, one that you instantly pull out, doing x effects, the other will create plot_object f, using which will give you item -hook-. Who knows, might be possible.

If you pull this off, expect praise.

Oh, and
Now on that note, you probably think i'm a little screwed up in the head and a tad sadistic, but thats ok, I don't care much
Uhm... as long as you leave NEDM alone, you'll find that we care little for such things.
Natace 17 years ago
lol, you actually read my post, you get praise from ME!

I don't plan on doing all those things with Notriums engine, lol, Notrium is more just for the layout of the environment than anything else.
I plan for it to be a rather large environment using STALKER's Xray engine...
But I think that it would be really good to have a basic layout of the different game areas done in something like Notrium first.
The problem I have at the moment with making the map layout is the scale, as I don't know how large the player model is or anything, and like I said, I need to make test maps before I go on making the rest, that way I can make my player model, animate it, import it into the game, get it all coded up so it's functioning correctly, running at the right speed, etc etc, then I'll see about roof heights, door height and all of that for buildings.

I'll also be using Notrium as a kindof basic idea of overwhelming enemies, I played around with it the other day and just stuck hundreds of aliens in a notrium map and gosh it was hilarious, especially since I didn't realise they were all friendly aliens :p
So here I was running around in Notrium with this huge army of aliens attacking enemies in sight and ripping them to bits in a matter of seconds, it was hilarious!
So for my notrium map layout it's basically just going to have an out of town area, as you can see in those screenshots, and there will be a fuel station there, which will have food, fuel, and a vehicle to use aswell which won't use up fuel like the hoverbike in notrium uses ether.
Beyond that would just be some open areas an area filled with farmland cornfields, and long grass, there will also be a river that goes into a small lake which a farmhouse is right next to, and I'm thinking that should be where I'll have the player start, as it will be at the far left of the game world.
Then on the far right, so...right of the service station area, will be the city area, and I'll only do something like 2 areas with a few blocks in them, and a few shops, including a gun store aswell so you can go crazy on all the enemies :p
That would mainly just show off the survival aspect of the mod, and you know what, I'm just going to say that it's a zombie mod...but you have to stay quiet about it. Otreum reversed actually says Muerto, which is Spanish for Dead and the City is called Otreum, so...yeah City of the dead I guess. How unoriginal :p

Anyway, i've just been distracted for a good amount of time, and my mind is completely off what I was talking I'll leave it there, and spare all of you from bleeding your eyes from reading my lengthy posts.
Crazy 17 years ago

E_net4 17 years ago
"Crazy" said:

To help him with the mod or the long posts?
Amarth 17 years ago
You should meet Zombie. She'll dig your style.

EDIT: oh, there is a part about N3D. Erm, if you happen to be/know people with a bit of coding experience and a lot of free time, send them over.

EDIT EDIT: oh, and idea people are always welcome too. I think the modelling department is already a bit crowded though, sorry.
Anonymous1157 17 years ago
I just read both long posts five seconds ago and remember nothing because they were so insanely long and random.

Good luck with the mod.
Natace 17 years ago
The long posts are RANDOM, because I'm nearly always tired and exhausted..there are reasons which I won't explain, but yeah...sorry about the long posts.

Back to that gun thing, I forgot to add my solution to it last night.
It's something i'm a little IFFY on, I'm not too sure if I should add it in, because I don't want the player to be all confused by a stupid amount of controls for tiny actions.
Such as closing your eyes...
I have that idea sitting there, but depending on how the control scheme for the rest of the functions work out, I may or may not have something that can prevent the player from getting blood in their eyes, I may even just have it as a random occurance, because we often involuntarily blink, and close our eyes, it's a natural reaction when things go near our eyes aswell, so what I have written down in my documentation is either to have a button to close your eyes, or have the blood in the eye thing as a random occurance.
Since it is a survival game, you also have to scavenge, so things like glasses, goggles, and helmets will help protect you from those kindof events, I have models of a fair few things in the mod, but I won't be showing anything on my mod until it's done, sorry guys.
These items will also prevent certain damage aswell, like if you find a shark net suit that prevents shark bites to an extent, and you were attacked by a zombie for's not going to be able to do any damage to you compared to if you ran around with absolutely no protection.

I should just stop posting, lol.

As for music for N3d, what kindof music are you after.

BTW, that post is small compared to what I have written in the past on other forums
Crazy 17 years ago
You seem to be forgetting that people automatically and involuntarily close their eyes to avoid things such as blood in their eyes. It's quite effective, even.
Natace 17 years ago
Which is what I said in my last post...
Or did were we writing our posts at the same time? lol.

The involuntary eye closing thing sounds like the best way to do it but JUST for unprotected eyes.
If the player has glasses, goggles or a closed face helmet (one with a cover over the face), then I could animate it so that the player actually looks away.

I will mention that you can do those slashy attacks that I was talking about before, but I will make it feel like you arent just swinging at air. So there will be a more visceral sound of tearing skin, I'm going to try and make a gore system simlar to dead rising, in terms of having a blood effect up off the ground, and then a blood splatter on the ground afterwards, rather than your standard half life 2 style games where you hit an enemy and blood magically appears under their feet. I could go into detail about this, know what happens then, don't you :p

I felt like sharing something else about weapons, and this is something I didn't really want to share with anyone, heck, I've told you guys the most about my mod, except a few people online who I trust to keep all the info to themselves.

There will be several types of characters in the game, and I want them to develop skills, but not via a system that says you have "45% knife skills" or "20% pistol". Instead, it won't be a visual system where you can see how much progress you've made with a weapon.
Basically the more you use a weapon, the more skilled you become with it. Different characters will start at different levels, like the military guy will be fairly skilled at many things, where as a child character you play as will hardly know anything, and will be effected by many other factors aswell.

So these percentages will be hidden, they will be visual in a different way though.

For example. You have just started the game and you find yourself a steel pipe that your hand can only just fit around.
Now in reality, swinging that steel pipe at a brick wall as hard as you can is probably going to cause you to drop that steel pipe first off. I say that because the initial impact is like a shock impact, as you don't know exactly what it's going to feel like, so the chances of dropping your weapon after whacking an enemy across the head is fairly high...but only on that first strike. After that, depending on how much you've used your weapon, there will be a different percentage level of the chance you will drop that weapon when you strike an enemy with it. Each weapon will have a different effector aswell, because that steel pipe is hard to hold, so naturally, it's going to come out of your hand easier right, but a baseball bat, hockey stick, thing steel pipe, bo staff or something that is much easier to hold will have a lot less chance of being dropped/fumbled.

As for what I mean by your player visually noticing an advancement in skill with a weapon.
Well, you don't get a message on your screen saying "you are now a master at the crowbar weapon, you will not drop it, your attacks are quicker, your attack recovery is quicker, your attacks more powerful, etc etc" Thats just stupid, thats TESIV: oblivion style, and it's not my style, yes it's informative, but this game is not going to be for the light hearted, nor is it going to be for those gamers who whinge about such stupid little things. Especially motion sickness, because I used to have it....until I got out more.

So how will your player see the change? how do you see the change in reality? It'll be the same, you just...get better, you learn how to swing harder more effectively, you learn how to hold the weapon better, you learn defenses with those weapons and attacks with those weapons...sure our characters arent stupid enough that they won't know basic human survival instinct (swing that damn weapon as hard as you can in any way possible), but not all of them will have the self defence skills to get enemies off them much more effectively, which will be done via that special key I was talking about.

So thats just a tiny insight on that melee system.

But you're probably wondering how I will make this look good. If you've played games like The chronicles of Riddick, The Dark messiah of might and magic, F.E.A.R and condemned: criminal origins, they all have one thing in common.
What is this you ask?
They all have a much better interactive system than any other game.
How does it do this?
By using full body awareness, so you can see your own arms, feet, chest, etc, the player camera is usually just attached where the head would be, and this helps eliminate all the painful coding of making a rail like path of motion that the camera would go if you didn't have full body awareness. Yes, it's more rough looking, it can make people nausious, but...ahwell, like I said, it is not for the light hearted gamer.

That'll do me for now, I think i'm letting out way too much info, lol.
Especially since I didn't want to let any out...I just feel that not many people are going to bother making mods that do this, as I've never seen any mods that even care for these things, they all just care about how scary the enemy looks, or how cool the environment looks, but not how immersive the game is just from the character alone.
harwe 17 years ago
Please... summarize what you want to say lol.. or shorten them by not asking rhetorical questions or mentioning you saying too much, just slim it down a bit lol O.o.... some of us get boreder (if there is such a word) by reading long posts...
Crazy 17 years ago
Well, i meant as a reaction to blood being shot into your eyes. Eyes close pretty damn quick. Actually, it takes less time than it takes for a drop of blood to reach you from you maimed victim.
MageKing17 17 years ago
"harwe" said:
Please... summarize what you want to say lol.. or shorten them by not asking rhetorical questions or mentioning you saying too much, just slim it down a bit lol O.o.... some of us get boreder (if there is such a word) by reading long posts...
Then don't read them. You don't need to whine about 'em.
Natace 17 years ago
"Crazy" said:
Well, i meant as a reaction to blood being shot into your eyes. Eyes close pretty damn quick. Actually, it takes less time than it takes for a drop of blood to reach you from you maimed victim.

Hmm, what do you mean?

What I meant is that I could have a natural eye blink function in the game, so when you do an attack that would cause blood to spray in the players eyes, the player would shut his eyes involuntarily.
But just to make things more hectic, it'd be better to have a certain chance of getting blood in your eye, because usually the involuntary actions are caused by things we see before they go in our eyes, however, most of the time we get things in our eyes in real life and THEN our eyes involuntarily shut, which would just be stupid in the mod, because...with blood, at least you'll be able to see something, even if it is a little bit.

So yeh, the blood would spray, and you may or may not get a droplet or a few in your eyes. This was kindof a late idea made at the start of this year when I was playing the dark messiah of might and magic...I thought...yeah this is all bloody and visceral combat, but no blood actually goes in the players eyes like it does in games such as "brothers in arms".
The blood effect I'm aiming for is nothing like brothers in arms though, because all that did was put a few red blood spots on the screen which IMO was more of a visual cue to say you'd been shot than a proper gameplay effector.
The blood in your eyes is more designed to create panic.

For example, you're in a fight in real life and you get dirt thrown in your eyes...what do you do? you either grasp at your eyes in pain, or you panic and flail your arms about running in a random direction, or trying to tackle the person who threw that dirt in your eyes so you can buy some time and get it out of your eyes.

It causes panic, thats all. The enemies in my mod won't be there as cannon fodder either, they will be there to run away from to safety, wait for them to pass, or sneak around them and things like that.

I wrote a fair bit more but decided to just delete it, as i'm getting too carried away with sharing info.
Crazy 17 years ago
In BiA (great game, BTW), it was blood being shot on the CAMERA. Slight breaking of the fourth wall, but it was for effect and most people wouldn't notice. In reality, a singly droplet of blood should be more than enough to cover the entire iris.
Natace 17 years ago
yup, thats why I said that if you get blood in your eyes, you won't see crap. And that it isn't exactly like BiA.

Anyway, the SDK for STALKER MP was released, with it were vague instructions on making a map, so i've been in the process of making a rather large map right now, I've spent quite a while building it already, because it needs to be done in a 3d modelling application, I did mine in Maya 8.5, and well, it's very hard to get the measurements right and's just very tedious to make maps with, but it's great for making detail.
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