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Attack the Base

major_sephiroth 17 years ago
My mod, currently version 0.0.1 and my production version has a fatal flaw in player_races.dat, I don't know what it is so I'll post it here.

Name: Attack the Base. (Needs better)
Version: v0.0.1
Theme: This is going to be a mod where you can both attack and defend a base which is under constant attack.
Pistol - Basic handgun, for when you run out of bullets.
.44 Bullets - The ammo used in the pistol. (And assault rifle for now, but I'll change that)
Broken Turret - Combine with Repair Unit to make turret. (It's called Broken (M) Turret for now, I just noticed that, I'll fix it.)
Repair Unit - Fixes the above Broken Turret.
Turret - A basic MG turret that fires incredibly quick, when used it drops the creature who you can't pick up.
Assault Rifle - The worst item in it IMO, as it uses .44 bullets and the pistol graphic, but basically it is as its name says.

Enemy* - A simple guy with a handgun who guards a spot.
Hunting Enemy* - A guy with a handgun who roams around hunting the attackers.
*Enemy will be changed to Defender in next release as you can be both attacker and defender.
Ally@ - A guy who attacks the base without remorse.
@Will be attacker in next release.
Turret - Our MG turret, don't go messing with this guy, he'll murder you.

Handgun - Basic weapon, low ammo usage and fire rate, deals good damage.
Enemy Slow Shot - The handgun. Deals less damage and takes up no ammo. Used by both attacker and defender infantry.
Enemy Fast shot - Used by the Turret, Incredibly quick and I need opinions on damage, I think its too high, but others might not.
Assault Rifle - A fast firing Handgun. Nuff' said.

Only have one at the moment, I'll perfect that one then make another.

The Idea of this mod is that you can be both sides of an assault and create victory on either one.

The Problem:
Has been fixed. It was a problem with Southern Front. (I havent fixed it, but I have Isolated Southern Front so Notrium doesnt crash.)

I took the Handgun and .44 Bullet pics from OP by Casanova.
The rest is from normal notrium.
And Redemption who told me that I made my Notrium fail.
(Not with those words, and not in a bad way)

The Link:
Attack the Base.rar

Anything I've missed?
Madgamer 17 years ago
Sounds good so far. I'll test it tomorrow to see what needs fixing and tweakin'.

You know, if Notrium had a multiplayer option, this type of idea could become quite popular. I'll just have to wait for Cormoon to come out...

And I haven't played Redemption's mod for quite a while now... He'll murder me if I don't >.<

Be prepared for hefty codings, as all I'll do is spew hundreds of ideas for you to pick up. Feel free to use them.

By the way, I've thought of some right now. You might want to use this for better gameplay, style, whatever.

If a player moves, recoil would increase by quite lot when the weapon is fired, but if standing still then recoil will be low, however, it's not completely accurate. This would prevent strafing bots to hit you all the frigging time. Also, depending on which type of weapon it is, the recoil will be either higher or lower. Say you're holding an assault rifle and you're trying to get in to the enemy's base. everytime you shoot, accuracy will be horrible. With a pistol your accuracy will be better than with that assault rifle. Oh yeah, just for clarification, recoil is when you shoot and lose accuracy. While moving your accuracy should change a bit, but generally speaking, you're accuracy won't be great if you hold down you're assault rifle all the time while strafing. I'll get into more detail on this later, if you can keep the mod alive that is.

If possible with some extreme coding, make grenades that can RICOCHET of walls. Yeah, I mean real grenades that bounces off walls. If it's just too frustatrating for you, then do the easier ones first. From what I believe, Notrium engine just isn't compatible with grenades.

I'll need to try out Redemption's mod now...

Edit: Read through your post again... is the mod not running? Or is Notrium not running? /me is confused...

And I'm completely helpless in coding, so don't ask me that :/
major_sephiroth 17 years ago
Or is Notrium not running?
Notrium crashes on startup.
As in, it won't get to the main Notrium screen, the one with 'New Game', 'Options' And the like.

When it comes to recoil and grenades, I am nowhere near good enough as a modder to do that.

I can however make objects and have them do stuff.
I also made a mod of OP, I call Southern Front.
I added a new area where there is an enemy 'fortification' made of sandbags, and enemies would spawn and attack your allies, as allies would spawn and attack the enemies. I had it balanced so you would have to do something if you wanted to win.
Enemies also dropped .44 Bullets, so your handgun wouldn't run out of ammo.
It's crashing too, but Attack the Base comes first.

More info about either mod will come when someone asks.
Redemption 17 years ago
"major_sephiroth's debug_start.txt" said:
Starting Load file data/textures/player_races.dat
I think you've put your textures folder in the data folder. The problem is that the game is trying to load a player_races.dat file from that folder, and it crashes when it can't find it.
Deleting that textures folder from the data folder should solve the problem.
major_sephiroth 17 years ago
I used that for putting the whole thing in a .rar.
The problem has been 'fixed', see main post.
Madgamer 17 years ago
I'll list some basic weapons for you to pick up, although I'm sure you already thought of some of them.

Fist- When you just need to take your anger out on somebody.

Shotgun- Spews 8 pellets at a time. The direction where it'd be going is quite self-explanatory.

Rocket Launcher- Launches a rocket that'll explode on impact.

Sniper Rifle- If only sniper rifle was more realistic on Deus Ex... Anyways, after each shot the time to reload bullets will be considerably long, around 5 seconds to prevent close range combat with this. Also add in the zoom feature. Ask Redemption if you don't know how.

Flamethrower- Spread your napalms and burn! Now if they only worked underwater...

Magnum- Like a pistol except it's recoil is bigger, the damage just hurts, and accuracy isn't that good. Plus, you can't fire as rapidly as pistol, which would be self-explanatory.

That's enough for now. If you can get more weapons added I'll just have to get creative with the other weapons.

By the way, just played through your mod now. There's lots of things that need to be fixed...

First off, assault rifle spews out bullets WAY too fast. Last time I had 81 bullets and when I fired they were gone in less than a second.

When you deploy your turrets your ammo mysteriously disappears...

If you pick up the corpse which happens to be .44 ammo, the ammo doesn't show up.

Way too hard, especially without any ammos and the turrets disfunctional >.>

Double check the ammo problem. Somethings prolly wrong with your coding

Well, fix your problems first then I'll check onto your next release.
haunter 17 years ago
And another's like when you shoot it has no voice...and i agree what gamer said...when run out of ammo atleast have some fist...and another thing...when i shoot those guys they don't lose life...
Psionic Tim 16 years ago
there r a few bugs though eh?

1)the human starts in the middle of base (self explanitory)
2)bullets immediately disapear once retreaved
Crazy 16 years ago
This mod seems to be dead.*poke*

But. Madgamer. Dude.
With a pistol your accuracy will be better than with that assault rifle.
Please tell me that you were being possessed by a drunk garden hose doing psychedelic mushrooms or something.
Madgamer 16 years ago
What the? I actually wrote that out? I swore some Neo-Nazi Conservatives came into my home and gave me a bottle of whiskey with some antibiotics inside.

I need to get some sleep, otherwise pathological images of genocides and idiocy swarms my mind.

Also, the mushrooms, they lie!
MageKing17 16 years ago
Looking through the original post, it looks like you meant to say "Firing the pistol while standing still will have higher accuracy than holding down the fire button with the assault rifle while moving", but hey, what do I know.
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