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Shadows of Isildur - PLAY IT!

Vacuus 16 years ago
Well, let me explain the reason why alot of development on my part has paused recently (bar that Perl website I'm working on - Yes, Amarth you read that right)....

Sorry to say, but I'm addicted to a (not-so) little MUD - A Tolkein mud no less. Shadows of Isildur is Roleplay-Required, and, well purely awesome

Pretty much what happens is when you create a character for the first time, you are given three choices for your race - Gondorian human, Mordorian Human (Easterling, Haradrim, etc), or Snaga (That's Orc). Once you've finished your whole process, your app is sent to an admin to be approved (For RPing, I guess), and once approved you are dumped into a shop & out into the world...

The really, really nice thing is death is permenant... I'm yet to meet anyone that's been there since the start of the game, or even since the fall of Osgiliath (The game is set in the third age, around 600 years before LotR)... I also like these "Roleplay Points" - pretty much, if you RP properly and an admin knows about it, you get a point which'll let you buy another race to play with next you croak...

Anyway, enough shameless advertising - PLAY IT!.
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Amarth 16 years ago
Did you say Perl?

Might be checking it out, but I'm not really into MUDs... Poke me around on IRC or something to get me started.

And goddamn, make some more frequent visits.
MageKing17 16 years ago
"Amarth" said:
And goddamn, make some more frequent visits.
Forum » Shadows of Isildur - PLAY IT!

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