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Retardedness to the Next Level

Madgamer 16 years ago

Also, click on some of the links for more information.

Found this while browsing through Google. Now, discuss.

Edit: Since linky is broken, I have brought the fresh one ready for torture.

ActiveX is a reason enough as to why IE is evul. Firefox (And perhaps Lolifox as soon as I find one) wins. Also, some of the links such as "Firefox Myths" made me laugh. I haven't seen such legible idiots in such a long, long time. Good ol' days.

Idiota: I am not going to link to this site so they get more priority in search engines, nope.
Barebones 16 years ago
I think advertising is a good idea, but sometimes it is extremely intrusive, like pop-ups and certain flash animation advertisements.

Plus I browse sites where relationship networking is advertised, imagine how that would roll with my parents if they saw a chick in a bikini as an advertisement, they would go nuts unfortunately, because apparently the intornetz is srs bsns, boiiiii. Advertising creates too many problems, so sometimes sites are making money off our expense.
Amarth 16 years ago
I say bug off. I don't watch ads on my tv either. If I don't want to play with your revenue model, then that's YOUR problem, not mine. I'm sorry, that's the way free market works.

Feel free to block firefox and about 20% of the surfers. You're not going to get a lot more visitors with it. Besides, Konqueror has ad blocking DIRECTLY built in and enabled by default (not via an extension 80% of peeps don't download anyway), but does anyone care?
MageKing17 16 years ago
I shall laugh and watch these people collapse under their own stupidity.
Idiota 16 years ago
Like I care about their stupid sites. There are tons of other sites with the same content that I can still see.
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