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Barebones 16 years ago
I think its time to get some organization going, because lately I have been offering up some games for multiplayer, however I don't have time to be on IRC 24/7 .

Heres a game I already mentioned, Throne of Darkness.
Throne of Darkness Review

There's a review. Now for my point of view, the game relies heavily on adding item components, and "recycling" of weapons. You can also access the Blacksmith and Priest from ANYWHERE on the field, so you never have to go back to town unless you want to drop off item components that you don't need (and trust me everyone will need them). However, the economy in this game is different from games like Diablo 2. For one, you cannot sell items, but you recycle them into materials for your Blacksmith to use. Basically, think of it as donating to a larger cause. Once the Blacksmith has a crapload of materials, he can start pumping out some seriously awesome weaponry. Also, you can donate magic items, weapons, and armor to the Priest. You open up an interface and head to the "offer" section, and there are 4 different elements. The more you donate to an element, the higher your "appeasement percentage" gets, once it reaches 100 percent you get a spell point in that element. However, you still need gold. Gold is used to repair items (not costly), enhance items with components (costly throughout the game), identify and uncurse items (relatively medium amount of gold early game), to buy newly crafted weapons and armor (depends on what you're buying), and buy potions (not really neccessary unless you are a mage). There are a crapload of components, its almost like Pokemon. They number in the hundreds.


I suggested this game recently, it's called Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul, and it is an extremely obscure game. It took me awhile to find any sites with mod information, then I realized I should have looked at the official forums, and there is some relatively mid-aged material in there (say about 1-2 years old).

The Evil Islands review

Evil Islands Mod Forum. Try and pick up your mods from here.

The game sports a an item creation system, where materials of varying quality can be used. I have not attempted to mix and match materials yet, I doubt it would go well. You buy blueprints and use materials either collected from dead enemies or bought from the shopkeeper, then you go to the item creation screen and place the blueprint, and then apply the materials. You can also attach spells to armor, however the spells have to be enchanted with item-specific trigger runes, so you cannot slap an extremely uber spell onto a pair of gauntlets. Oh yes, I should mention spell creation too. Although not as complex, you are given spell blueprints (or complete spells, although I have not tested if this is cheaper), and with those spell blueprints you can add on runes which enhance the spell's quality.
MageKing17 16 years ago
/me points not-so-subtly towards the Multiplayer Centre
Anarion 16 years ago
"MageKing17" said:
/me points not-so-subtly towards the Multiplayer Centre
Does anyone even use that?
Grim Reaper 16 years ago
I'm afraid not, perhaps mainly because it's an off-site whatsit instead of something integrated into the forums and/or website.
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