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Mod: Infestation

MM5 16 years ago
O.k. I'm starting this new mod called "Infestation" and I'm having big problems. If you look at mod questions sticky you'll see it, or for lazy peps (like me) here 's the problem: crashing! I run the editor with a new graphic and it crashes! When I removed that addition, I need to start the editor first and THEN the game. It's really annoying! Plus, my brown player alien is green! WTF?

But, anyway, here's the lowdown on the mod:

Infestation is basically a game where you take the role of an Alien created within the Alpha hive. The greatest of the 3 gigantic Alien hives. You're trained and then sent out to infest. Simple, huh? Well, it gets a lot complicated as Humans, Aliens and even your own kin attack you! You'll have to find out why while evolving into the "Ultimate Creation"!

-Large array of aliens.
-Massive amounts of abilities such as Infest (allows you to turn that creature to your side), Groan (gather aliens, either against or with you for purposes, say attacking a big creature), Fertilize (grow plants that release helpful spores for healing, boosting attack and such) etc. (hopefully!)
- The ability to grow your own hive (eventually!) and your own brood!
- Multiple Factions and Endings!

I shall make the mod, but if anyone has skills in making the textures and pics of the creatures, I ask if you could help me in making this crazy wish true.

I know a lot of crazy promises, but I hope I'll be able to fulfill them! But for now, I need your help for the problem I stated at the beginning.
harwe 16 years ago
you can try to just change the color and size of the aliens that already exists if you can't find anyone/new graphix
MM5 16 years ago
Yeah I did that with some but the crash problem is really annoying. When I do make a new graphic it crashes!
michael15286 15 years ago
It sounds like a very good mod in the making.
I just hope that you manage finish it.
Sorry, I'm not into modding much, so I can't help much.
But other than that, Go For It!
seddo111 15 years ago
did you sae you texture as .png, thats all i can think it is, or have u checked the coding of your texture is correct?
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