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Idea for a new (probably not) mod

killas900 16 years ago
Ahem, So, I am a new member to the forum but I have been tinkering around Notrium for a while, almost a year now.
And most the stuff I've made isn't really worthy to be uploaded and it isnt really a mod.. basically I've changed the game so much it's almost unrecognizable..

I've realized that some of the stuff I've made was probably good enough to be incorporated into a mod, but I cant mod much beyond simple items, weapons, and graphics, so I need some help with modding (Alot)

Basically my idea was where your an explorer from the future and the method for long distance interstellar travelling is cryostasis, and on a routine mission to report back to your superiors the on board systems malfunction and your off course by 50 thousand light years, when you wake up you realize that your ship has crashed into an unknown planet, when you exit the ship, you find out that your ship has passed through a wormhole safely (probably not possible ) and you have entered an alternate reality where the the humans are mindless psychopathic beings and aliens are intelligent and have opposable thumbs so they can use weapons, and thats all I've got, but basically the main idea is similar to Notrium where you gotta survive and rebuild your ship, but some how it will differ, im not sure yet .

So thats all I got at the moment, now tell me what you guys think, is it worthy to pursue?
MageKing17 16 years ago
"killas900" said:
most the stuff I've made isn't really worthy to be uploaded
You really must be new around here... if it runs, it's worth uploading. We have a serious dearth of mods.
Bones 16 years ago
If you make this mod, you'll be a gangsta 'round here, because there are 3 - 4 working mods 'round here, and a pile of junk mods on beta phase, or just dumped 3 days after the modders started modding them. So: Just do it! By the way, I suck at modding, so ask some other guys to help you, I would just ruin the mod.
themados 16 years ago
Yeah keep going with this mod it sounds awsome
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