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Forum » how do you add a mod?

how do you add a mod?

watdocdude 16 years ago
I guess this is kinda a stupid question but i'm not the best with files and stuff. I have ultimatezip.
Crazy 16 years ago
To the game?

Well, some mod zips you can just unzip to the main directory, with others you need to put the data files in their respective folder in the data folder and put the graphics in the graphics folder.

Sorry, but i can't explain in more detail ATM as i don't have the game installed and my memory fails me as to how the folders were set up, exactly.
Aegis 16 years ago
Notrium -> Data -> (The mod's name) -> Areas.dat, animation.dat, blah, blah, blah
Notrium -> Sound -> (The mod's name) -> Sound.dat, weird-noise-which-sounds-like-a-muffled-fart.dat, etc.
Notium -> Textures -> (The mod's name) -> Creature 22.5.png, Custom gun.jpg, etc.
Forum » how do you add a mod?

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