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problem with werirvar mod...

exiled 16 years ago
...So im playing as the werirvar,and gettin my butt handed to me on silver trying to build a laser pistol and stay up all night looking for the components.i find them all except the fuel converter.i check the code and find that only SIX were to spawn.I change that to 60 and start over...I'm still unable to find any convertors.any suggestions on how to remedy this??
SmokinBaraka 16 years ago
check the areas in which they are able to spawn in, you may be looking in the wrong area.
OthobRithol 16 years ago
I was just looking at the plot objects.dat for weriver. The default value was 60. You might want to make sure you are using a clean install.

Fuel converters are a VERY common item.
Klavinmour 16 years ago
Ounds to me that there are a few things here.
1 you are a noob and don't know anything about the game to begine with or
2 the version you have might be corupt
roofie 15 years ago
Well,I also got problem with werivar mod.I have made tools,you know pick axe,hammer and shovel.But i cant use them even when im beside the mines.Only once it worked but with warp drill and power prism crystal
Forum » problem with werirvar mod...

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