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Zombie and creativity!

Zombie 15 years ago
Well, guess what. College still sucks. The summer sucked. It all sucked. Good news is I'm slowly getting back into writing. My philosoply professor annoys me with his stuttering and my GF is back in town, this time for good... So I'm a lot better mood-wise... So you might be able to expect more of the unnamed story and [Catgirl] in the near future. Like usual, I'll have to reread my old work... Might revise it, might leave large chunks of it alone. The goal is to revitalize my creativity and get back into writing a bit more, so yay.

I'm looking for some way to get cheap (read: free) webhosting that doesn't claim to own what I put up and things like that. I want to put together a site for some projects I want to start... Possibly even give [Catgirl] and the unnamed story their own homes. I want to start trying to show you guys my comics, as I have to redraw them with a finer nib pen anywho. The text is nearly illegible with my Pilot V5s... I found that they actually make .005mm liners, so I'm going to try and hunt some of those down. The nib on those things is tiny as all hell. I should be able to redraw them to be legible and scan-worthy with those...

I dunno, though. Ideally I should just pay for general hosting, but I don't make anywhere near enough money to do that. I'd also like to make a small site specifically for the tech support business I want to try and start up. I'm trying to look into info on what I'd need to run an independent computer repair and upgrade business. Qualifications and licenses and insurances and whatnot. I could build computers for people. Fix their stupid mistakes. Make some extra cash. I'm also thinking of quitting Gamestop and trying to get a job at BestBuy as one of them Geek Squad peoples. Pissy customers are annoying but, really, if someone brings me a broken computer and my job is to fix it... I don't have to deal with them. Just, "What's wrong with it?" and "Right. Go away and I'll fix it."

Anywho, the main goal of the site is to, eventually, launch what I want to call my "Graphic Fiction"... I'm not saying "webcomic" because the intent is to convey a story and not necessarily be humorous and whatnot. I'd write short stories and illustrate them... Or attempt to, anyway. Maybe I'd illustrate other people's stories too. Set up a donations thing like everyone and their grandmother's quilting bee seems to have, now... Not like anyone would donate, but it'd be there if anyone wanted to give me free money.

Any suggestions on largely nonrestrictive hosting? Cheap or free? Thoughts on anything else? :3 Yellings at me because I haven't been posting lately and/or haven't been visibly working on my stories?
Idiota 15 years ago
Zombie is back in town, yay! I might be able to fix a host (my university) but I don't know if they would allow projects that have nothing to do with the university that are done by someone who has nothing to do with the university living thousands of miles away with a big puddle of water in between.

I could try though...
Amarth 15 years ago
I'm thinking of abandoning the current server (hosted by as it's too slow for my liking, and move to host monster. If you ask me nicely, I can offer you some space on that (it's unlimited anyway). If you want your own domain name, you'll have to get it yourself though.
Quanrian 15 years ago
Welcome back, it's nice to see you active in the forums again.
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