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some questions

buggy 10 years ago
i have a few questions i need awnsered:is it possable to get a station you can fly other then the final ship(the one that orbits the planet and has 3000 health):how do you capture the final ship without wining the game before you can fly it?:how can you edit save files?
Idiota 9 years ago
Dang, I can't recall... been a long while since I last played this game. Maybe one of the other forumers can help you with this one?
Redemption 9 years ago
You can give yourself lots of money by looking in the save file (with notepad) and finding the amount of money you have (check ingame) then replacing that with however much you want.

I'm fairly certain you can get a station by attacking any major planet that has one.
buggy 9 years ago
major planet such as?(please give a few examples sence i attackd earth 3 times and never saw one)
Forum » some questions

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