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Map editor question

TurtlePie 14 years ago
How do you add items?
like is there a menu or something?
and how do I scroll to new areas all I get is the start area?

I did search and the FAQ did not help, sorry if I missed something or am just plain dumb please don't flame me.
Aegis 14 years ago
Press F1 for all the keybindings.
Press F3 to add items.
I think you press z and x to change maps (but I'm not sure)
Halberd 13 years ago
how do you even get map editor i know multiple people who play but i dont have it so how do you get it? does it come with a mod if so which one?
Redemption 13 years ago
It's a feature of Notrium that is hidden by default. To get it simply open setup.dat (found in the data folder) and change the "0;//create game initialization debug file" line to "1;//create game initialization debug file". The editor will then show up on the new game section of the main menu.
MrAndriod 13 years ago
what is game running debug?
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