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Forum » And thus came 2009

And thus came 2009

Redemption 13 years ago
Happy new year to all!
Murska 13 years ago
Yeah, happy new year. Have fun blowing stuff up.
E_net4 13 years ago
Is there anything you want to do in the last day of 2008?
MageKing17 13 years ago
If it's "post here", then I suppose you can consider it done, eh? ;P
NeoGangster 13 years ago
Happy new year everyone
LunaticNeko 13 years ago
Happy new year!
Idiota 13 years ago
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Simple principle really. Carbid + water creates a gas, which slowly fills the cannon. Some of the gas will expand out of the cannon through a hole in the back, igniting this stream of gas results in an explosion which propels whatever you want to propel out of the cannon. But the best part is that, if done properly, you can create bangs louder than most illegal fireworks, while this is perfectly legal. :> Spend a day doing that.

Happy newyear and best wishes everyone!
Narvius 13 years ago
Happy new year.
A little late but whatever.
Grim Reaper 13 years ago
Yarse, happy times in this year that happens to be newer than the one before this.
Forum » And thus came 2009

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