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the world we belong to (yeah my mod)

fifth 15 years ago
yeah im doing a mod too (what a surprise! no one would could see that by the tons of questions i have...) and i thought it'd be usefull to make a thread about it (althoug i'm very convinced that i wont be able to finish it)

well what is this mod about:
its a fantasy-story based mod that has some ideas that i think are almost impossible to do, but hey i love the challenge xD
to the story:
the internet friends Ayan, Inu, Dude and yura are going to an anime convention together.
while they enjoy the festival the town is suddenly attacked by strange creatures. in an attempt to save ayan, inu and dude are dragged through a portal along with one of the beasts, yura gets unconscious and is beeing pulled throug a portal too. soon they all awake in a forest and get surrounded by the creatures. in the following fight they notice strange abilitys. they then have to survive (notrium style ) and master theyr abilitys. as they progress they move to the bigger citys and engage in the war between the merm (human like) and the seed (beast race). the strong bound of friendship almost breaks when they are brought back to earth by one of the seeds leaders. while yura is happy to finally be home and be able to live peacefully and dude is on her side, ayan and inu can't belive that earth is theyr home anymore (thats the reason for the title). inu and ayan find a way to get back to the other world. dude and yura come after them in the end not willing to let their friends down. the fights get more intense and expand over space now. there are two worlds in war and one civilisation has to fall... at least according to the ancient storys.

ayan: a female 20 years old manga style artist (not started implementing yet)
uses a pen to draw pictures with her liveforce. whatever she draws becomes real (if it doesn't take to much lifeforce)
she also is able to use telepathy and telekinesis

inu: a 17 year old guy that is a half (dog)demon (i use this char to test everything so its the most advanced one in implementing)
he can use serval techniques based on a energy called sor.
his weapons of choice are his firearm sira and a katana

dude: a 18 years old fellow (i have only just begun to build him in a little bit so just ignore him)
while he is a cuddly and kind person in the personal life
he uses a combination dark magic, firearms and the element of earth (i don't know, maybe i'll change this)

yura: the 14 year old nestling of the team (not started implementing yet)
she hates to use her abilitys as elemental magician to hurt others.
she uses her fire ice and lightning abilitys when she has to fight
she cannot take much heat or coldness but her body temperature isnt affected much by external factors anyways

things implemented (it's VERY few since i'm using barebones and i'm just starting to mod)
some objects (just for testing if i can)
fire: the difference to the original fires is that you are warmed by beeing next to it and damaged when you stand inside it what i think is a bit more realistic than in vanilla (i somehow thought it was a bit strange to stand within a fire)
iceFire: the same as fire. it just has the opposing effect of cooling you
2 weapons
some objects (walls, doors, chair and so on)

features for future (that i most likely never be able to accomplish)
-the mentioned totaly awesome space fights
-a trading system
-war's that'll make your ram and cpu scream "please! please kill us we dont wanna life anylonger T_T"
-a team based gameplay so that'll allow you to easily command your team (most likely the hardest thing to do)
-personal relations between persons that affect things ( this is gonna be even harder than the team thing... darn)
...and so on with the almost impossible but with all night sessions maybe doable things

this is just a dev build that doesn't is much
also i wanna thank uberwaffe because i took some graphiks from werivar
i just took them temporary until i have someone to make some for me or i find some decent ones
atm im creating 3d models of things with google sketchup take screens and edit them xD

klick to download
Pete 15 years ago
Aight, took a look at it.
Problem fixes:
1)I have no idea what was wrong, but this is what I came up with, and what seems to work properly.

3;//width of map below
4;//height of map below

//areas will be placed in this order:
//-1 = no area here
//0 or above = area class number from areas.dat
//-2 = random area that must be here, make sure there are enough free areas to fill all
//-3 = random area that may be here, but only if any area is already adjacent to this square

2) Lookin into it
3) Either you can use the "no random objects" texture to prevent random object on a per-square basis, or, you can remove the
1;//object definition number prop
500;//number of these on a 100*100 map

from climate_types.dat. (didnt actually test this, though)
fifth 15 years ago
thanks pete i tryed the map solution you did earlyer too... back the it just made everything crash... who cares now it works^^ that was my main prob
and i didnt even knew that the climate has anything to do with random objects...^^'

well i'll just look over the cool thingy again^^

now to the progress
after pulling an all nighter i'm now almost done implementing a time... thing so that i have ingame minutes hours days weeks months and years... you may ask now wtf why the hell would you need something like month and year รด_o and the answer is just plain: its funny xD maybe it'll have some use later on but right now i'ts just because i think it's funny and because i wanted to see if i can do this^^
of course i didnt need all night long to do this nonesense stuff alone on the more important side i build a tiredness bar (right now working at making you fall unconscious when empty) and a sleep function that makes the game run very fast while sleep bar regenerates... also i build a sofa you sit on it and it regenerates the tiredness too
fifth 15 years ago
w00t i finally had some mod time again... the sleep and unconcious thingy was harder than i thought... however it's (mostly) working the way i want it to now^^... i'm not really too sure what to do now... there are lots of things that i need to implement and i don't know where to begin xD
then again there are some things i want to do right now that are failing just because i'm like the worst graphic artist in existance xD

well i think i'll implement the left charakters and do some race specific things
Pete 15 years ago
Art? Graphics? Puh-leeease, who needs those. Just get the code in place, you can add all the shiny stuff later. Or, like me, never.
DrLector 15 years ago
I agree with pete. For me, I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of graphics and sounds that I needed so I just ignored them. Taking things one at a time HELPS. Usually for me, concentrating on one thing at a time leads to another. I remember when I first started my mod *Thinks back* I was trying to do so many things at once that my mod was a mess and I had to scrap the whole thing.

btw, If you need help with any textures or sound effects just tell me what you need and I will get them. I am very good with drawing graphics and if you need some sort of sound, I can make it. Good luck with the mod
Dorten 15 years ago
Graphics are very simple thing: you just paint all your pics by hand in MSPaint, and voila! you have very stylish and cool looking mod
Pete 15 years ago
"Dorten" said:
Graphics are very simple thing: you just paint all your pics by hand in MSPaint, and voila! you have very stylish and cool looking mod
Youre joking right? Right? Of course youre joking, yes, no one could actually think that, haha, almost had me there...
fifth 15 years ago
um yeah lets put v0.0.0.1 on... (if you are curious the version composes of

so heres the breakdown of the new things
-time+date added
-tiredness added
--sleep added (needs tweaking)
--falling unconscious added (needs much tweaking)
-some tweaks
-some things added
--tv&console, couge, wall segment,funny futon, door (hell doing polygons is *insert worst swearing you know here*)
-worked a bit on the 'dude' charakter
-added an area to create a little example on how i could arrange things in a room

go to data->theworldwebelongto->ver. update to see quick key list

i know everything is a bit messy atm but it can't be helped...
oh and sorry for the date being dd/mm/yyyy... i'm german so i'll leave it like that while in developement... when i need it later it'll be easier for me^^ do u like the style things i did (walls tables and so on) until now... i think i'll keep this up since it has a nice and clean look and is easy to make (in paint)

DrLector 15 years ago
Good mod. It has a lot of potential and seems like it is a great Idea. If you want any graphics (not that your graphics are bad) I am good at drawing with GIMP. I also noticed that you don't have any sound effects (yet), if you need any help with that I will be glad to help. Good luck with the mod!
fifth 15 years ago
thanks lector^w^ hmm atm i only do everything i can do on my own... well i guess i'll need your help later guys^^

...i was so bored with planning what to mod next so out of boerdom i created (fun) ubermode weapons for dude xD
the legendary long forgotten pedobear-bomb (i always rofl my a** of when i see that guy xD)
and the all famous world known: za warodu (of cours including WRYYYYYYY)

boredom can be sooo curel ^^

maybe i'll put up screens later...
fifth 15 years ago
yeah sorry for not beeing around lately (and doubleposting ^^') but i've been pretty busy with school work n stuff... i'll try to keep on modding once i decide what to mod next... just wantet to tell you that this isnt dead yet
Cosmas 14 years ago
Last link added doesnt work. Reupload it plz.
fifth 14 years ago
haha... ^^' hello pals me again please dont ask why i dropped the mod for such a hell long time (you wouldnt belive stuff anyways ;3) but i think i could try to continue it for a while because modding in this was really fun... thing is i just wanted to check if anyone of you has the later downloadable version of the game lurking around on their computers because i had to format my machine and dont want to do the stuff between the two versions again if its not neccessary
Venom31 14 years ago
Alas, and I don't see it Harwe's mod collection as well. Hope someone has it.
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