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*Ahem* New mod and other whatnot

Ian2454 15 years ago
Greetings, and as a gift to my wonderful hosts I present news of a new mod.

Since I absolutely suck at image manipulating I'll make do with textures from other mods and Vanilla Notrium. (Of course giving credit to which mod I sto- err... borrowed from.) Since I have few textures I'll make do with what I have and you can expect something of a modified vanilla with a new storyline and (hopefully) both more comedy-relief and play time. And without the Werivar Mod's inherent problem of one-or-two-creatures-for-the-rest-of-the-game-ness. This actually takes place before Earth was destroyed by a supernova. I'll draw a picture sometime. It will explain a lot better than I can. Even if you survive Earth gets destroyed.

I've screwed with the .dat files before (stupid battle-droids...) so along with the modding guide I can do this. I've always been of the opinion that there were never enough rifles in the game...

Basically God hates you, and stretches/twists your time-line to force you both into the future and a different form due to evolution (I told you I don't have extra textures!) and has you do work for him.

I'll edit this post to screw with the story as I eventually get forced to do something different because most of what I want may be impossible... If you don't want me using one of your textures or something, for whatever reason.... You get the point. Just let me go get my printer to print out the notes.txt so I can do this better.
seddo111 14 years ago
souns cool ,hope you keep it up, sounds like it has alot of potential

i will do my best to make things for you if you need them?
Forum » *Ahem* New mod and other whatnot

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