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Xienor 14 years ago
Iv been working on a mod alone i call Xombie 2 (I had a Xombie 1 but it wasnt very good)
I just wanted to "drop it in and see what happens" ...

Im not done with it yet...
The idea is your a guy with blue hair (or red hair if your female) and you go around killing zombies but these zombies can be killed like a normal human.. what makes them zombies is some virus that makes them get really angry at everything and makes them hungry for anything alive... The virus also makes them slower and makes the body more hard...

The characters in the game also have mental problems...

Like I said im working on this alone right now.. and im not good with art so i use pictures from google images, Alien Shooter 2, and Eternal Damnation...
But iv been working with Notrium since 05 and iv made 3 to 6 mods alone (But I never really wanted anyone to see them)
I really want to finish this mod.. And when i told my friends about it and showed them the mod they wanted it when im done...

The game has two modes... RPG and Survival.. In Survival your on a map with a gun with unlimited ammo and a flash light and you just kill all the xombies as you want... And yes the flash light has unlimited batteries.. In the RPG mode.. it has a little story but you basically do what ever you want on this sorta big map...

The weapons are..
3 Different types of pistols...
3 Different types of shotguns...
3 Different types of machine guns...
a knife
a pen
a hammer
an axe
a pitch fork
a chopping knife
those things you wear with your hands that let you punch things.. its made of metal or somthing
a metal bat
a wooden bat
a chainsaw
a power drill
a tazor
some farming tool
a flame thrower
and torch flame thrower thing

Im new to talking in forums... so dont make fun of me...
Amarth 14 years ago
It sounds interesting. Because of the high amount of failed mods we became a bunch of skeptics, so it would be cool if you could show a demo of some sorts for us to give feedback on. Screenshots are also appreciated.

Could you elaborate on the "mental problems"? This could be very interesting if you work it out well.

About using other pictures, two concerns. First is obviously copyright, though you'll have to see what your stance is there yourself, it can be a complicated mess. The second concern is that you want to achieve a consistent look, otherwise elements will not fit in which breaks immersion or even plainly look ugly which you usually don't want in a game. I don't know how much of that is the case here though. But yeah, graphics are kind of a problem for most mods it seems.

The metal things you wear to punch things are probably brass knuckles?

What's with the farming tool?
Xienor 14 years ago
The farming tool is called a sickle...

I really dunno what to do about the copyright thing though... id be ok with changing a few things just as long as I dont have to change a lot the game data because of it...

Mental problems... Like they have anger.. but they dont scream and get red.. They just keep a natural face and they dont care about whats good or bad... They dont get scared.. They talk to themselves... ... They have a drug addiction... And anything that feels good or looks cool.. they would want more of it.. like killing somthing and seeing everything spit everywhere... Or just randomly killing someone...

And I try to make everything I find fit the game.. if a gun or hand weapon doesnt fit well ill edit it or just find a new picture...

Screen shots.. I have them but im not fully comfortable with them.. and Im not guna give the mod out till im almost done and need testing...
FinDragon 14 years ago
Sounds cool, i'll never pass zombie killing so get ur mod out quickly 'cos i want to test it. I am sure that it is gonna be great, trust yourself.
Xienor 14 years ago
Im almost done.. I just need to make the maps for the RPG mode and make events when you get to parts on the map... Once im done with that ill be needing testers...

And is it ok if i use things from other Notrium mods?
Anonymous1157 14 years ago
Most of the original Notrium modders that made mods with custom content aren't around anymore. In most cases, it's alright to use media from other Notrium mods. If the mod has a manual, check to make sure whether or not you specifically can't.

I might actually reinstall Notrium to try your mod. There hasn't been any interest in Notrium for a while; it'd be nice to play something new.
Xienor 14 years ago
Hmm.... Im getting map problems so i have to make the maps over again (Really annoying)

So its going to take longer to finish...

Sometimes i wish i had someone else making maps..
anruca 14 years ago
I know that feling mate, just hang on there and finish your work we will be waiting to see what you dig up
Xienor 14 years ago
I did finish this mod (The Survival part) ..However.. When i gave my friend the flash drive (That had the mod i was working on) he broke it... So i could never get it uploaded.. ..I dont know HOW he broke it but apparently it looked like it got crushed by somthing.. (He told me he "Found it broken".. Which i doubt)

I told him hes going to help me make a new mod for a different game... and if he doesnt do that then he owes me a 2 GB flash drive...

Ill make a new mod.. (If it really matters anymore) but i wont if i dont get a response.
Venom31 14 years ago
Hell, you had a whole mod on a flash drive?!! Oh my, what can I say... Anyways, there are many zombie mods around here in development, and people are mostly experiencing trouble for the lack of art. Maybe you can help them out, you seem to have had [almost to] no problems with it until the break.
Xienor 14 years ago
Yes i know.. It was a bit odd having the whole mod on the flash drive..

Im making a new mod.. I call it Vapilore.. (Because i like using the word "Vapor") I just started a week ago.. Just to make up for this mod..

Horror Mod.. Freaky things like.. An evil army like force called Silence.. Odd things like Needles for cures.. Bullets that can only be felt emotionally.. Aggressive Melee that builds up rage making you stronger more you attack (Only works if you have low HP though)..

Nearly everything im making will be in GIMP and ill be editing sounds in Audacity..

Im trying to make it as freaky and odd as ... One guy can make it.
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