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Not named mod yet - problems

SmokNiszczyciel 14 years ago
Im making new mod i havent named it yet, there will be new items,creatures etc [everything] and when i made new map - battle field i added it to areas.dat and i gave it class 2. I added it to map.dat under ancient ruins, it was -2 and 2 and it wont work - when i start notrium - mod it closes and i see report -_- maybe i have added too many ais?

ok thx for help u helped me so much...
DRL 14 years ago
Well, basically something I suggest you to do in this case is to post your mod. Even with bugs & crashes people
can´t help you when they are not sure what is the problem.
In other words, this is like asking a doctor to examine you when you are talking to him in the telephone; it just won´t work:
You need to go to the clinic and get examined there.

And, like I said before, people are willing to help only if the "see" results -- otherwise it is unlikely you will get any help.
Not even an expert modder can help you if they have no idea of what is wrong in your mod.
anruca 14 years ago
hm... maybe you messed up the map or the area... there are 2 things to do at ths moment.
1... you try to fix the problem yourself, this is done like so... you go to data folder in notrium and open up setup.dat i think it was, then you add to the debuging files and stuff from 0 to 1 to enable it...
after that you go in notrium and run the mod, shows you a report ok you quit the game and in the main notrium folder there shoud be a debug file, open it up and check where the bugs are they will be noted as eror or scaning failed.
After you see where the bug is you go to default mod and you look at the areas maps or where ever the bug is and compare it with your version and if something is wrong this will help you fix it.
and number two... like DRL said post your mod and let us tell you help you and complement you mod.
Good luck
yours truly anruca
Forum » Not named mod yet - problems

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