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Just some ideas for a Notrium 2

Moon832 14 years ago
I loved Notrium and when Driftmoon comes out I'm going to destroy my eyes playing it 24/7. Anyways, I was reading that Driftmoon was planned as Notrium 2, but the demo that was made didn't feel like Notrium. However, I think that a Notrium 2 in that style would be cool. This is what my idea of the story should be.

(This follows the escape pod ending in Notrium)
You were the captain of a ship until it was destroyed and you were stranded on a planet called Notrium. Luckily, you managed to assemble an escape pod and escape from Notrium. After weeks of traveling in space, you have finally reached your home.
But something is wrong. Everything around you looks as if it as been hit by a earthquake or tornado. Dead bodies are piled on the ground. What happened here? You gather your equipment and go see.

Basic plot: The planet (don't have a name for it yet) has been ruined by aliens and mutated humans. The aliens came to the planet by stowing onto VC spaceships, who travel across the galaxy to trade goods and whatnot. While VC landed on this planet, aliens came to it and brought diseases with them that mutated humans and turned them into freaks. Scientists made a vaccine soon after, but it was too late, and they were killed before it could be sent to the public. Our hero has also been infected, but not all the way. Early in the game has found a vaccine for it. He now has special powers and abilities while maintaining his sanity. Now he must free his planet from the aliens and the mutants.

New features that Notrium 2 would have:

(You can have up to 6 with you)

Survivor - There are survivors who have not been fully infected yet. If you give them the vaccine in time, they will join you. Like you, they also have special abilities. You can give them weapons, items, and armor.

Ville Corp Soldier - They are immune to the infection due to exposure to the aliens on a daily basis. They will join you on the spot, and there are many different types. They give you access to all Ville Corp areas (spaceships, buildings) You can only give them items.

Robots - Most of the robots were destroyed by the aliens, but if can find and reprogram one, it will accompany you. You can give them items, weapons, and armor.


Aliens - The same as the ones from Notrium. This time, there are many more of them and unless you destroy all the queens on the planet, they will keep laying eggs and more will come.

Mutants - The vaccine is useless against them, it is too late. They have special abilities and move very fast. They can infect survivors if you have not given them the vaccine yet.

Mutated Aliens - These aliens were attacked by mutants and some of the mutant's blood got into the alien's blood, resulting in this. It combines the mutant with an alien, and has even more special abilities, is extremely fast, and has triple the attack.

More to be coming......

There are a variety of vehicles to drive.

Army Jeep - A 4 seat car with a machine gun on back that uses the hero's ammo. Uses ether. (Ether can now also be found at Ether refill stations across the planet, which are the future equivalent of gas stations)

Hoverbike - A 2 seat bike with no weapons. The plus side is that it cannot be harmed by terrain surfaces, since it is floating in the air. (Lava, spikes) Uses ether.

Hoverbike with sidecar - A hoverbike made for the army, it now fits 3 people. Same as other hoverbike.

Tank - A 5 seater. Slowest vehicle in the game, but has the most protection and weapons. Comes with incredibly fast machine gun and stun lasers. Consumes the most ether in the whole game.

Transport Car - A car meant to carry lots of cargo. Holds 6 people and uses ether. Has a laser gun originally used to disable anyone who wanted to steal the cargo.

Probably more coming.....

I'm not gonna cover all of them, but just the main locations.

Alien's Nest - One of the largest buildings on the planet has now become a giant breeding ground for the aliens. It seems that there are hundreds even thousands of them in here. If you manage to destroy them all, then you will have halfway succeeded in you task.

VC Spaceship - It crash landed on the planet and is now infested by mutants and aliens. Save the men trapped inside and they will fight by your side. You can also find valuable ammo, weapons, and other resources here.

Scientist's Lab - Bodies of dead scientists lay everywhere, and this place is crawling with things that want to kill you. But if you don't get some vaccine here, it will be the end of the road for you.

Mutant City - The mutants have set up a base here, where they kidnap survivors and use them for their own evil cause. There are cells in which survivors are kept: you have to save them, kill all of the mutants, and reclaim the city.

Military Base - There are rumors that some of the generals and leaders of the army willingly infected themselves in order to gain vast power. There are also rumors of powerful weapons and equipment here. Come and see for yourself.

More to come.....

New Weapons:
There are 2 types: makeshift, and real.

New makeshift weapons:

Double barreled pebble shotgun - Same as the pebble shotgun, only more damage and reach.

Long Metal Rod - You can now use it as a staff of some kind.

Makeshift grenade - Made by taking apart a bullet and getting the gunpowder from it. Then you combine it with a metal can, pebbles, and rope to make a makeshift grenade. It will explode, hurting anything in it's radius.

More coming soon....

New real weapons:

Shotgun - Like the pebble shot gun, but far more powerful. Uses shells.

Double Barreled Shotgun - 2 times more powerful than the shotgun.

Sawed-off shotgun - Wider range and faster reload than the shotgun.

Machine gun - Fires 10 bullets per second.

Sword - A primitive weapon, but still very useful.

Rocket launcher - Shoots out rockets which are very effective but can badly you if you are to close to it.

Tank gun - A gun originally made to destroy tanks. Unfortunately, it is now in your hands. It can go right through some enemies and kill some in 1 it.

Grenade - Like the makeshift, but does more damage.

Pipe Bomb - Explodes on contact and kill most things immediately.

More coming.....

Special abilities:
They can be upgraded, via a skill tree. You get upgrade points by killing aliens and mutants. Some of these can only be used without weapons.

Attack Skill Branch (Cannot be used with weapons)
Level 1 - Power Strike: Can be upgraded 6 times
A punch that is at first 2 times stronger than the regular punch. At the last upgrade it is 12 times stronger.

Level 2 - Jaguar Leap: Can be upgraded 4 times
You make a large, fast leap and attack the enemy, much like a cheetah or jaguar. Useful to kill far away enemies quickly.
4 times stronger than the normal punch. After fully upgrading, you can jump farther and go through multiple enemies.

Level 3 - Alien's Strike: Passive ability, can be upgraded 3 times
Attack like the powerful Alien! After fully upgrading, your punch is 3 times stronger and is 3 times quicker.

Level 4 - Life Drain: Can be upgraded 2 times
Deal damage to enemies while also transferring some of their life to you. After fully upgrading, you can absorb up to 4 HP per hit.

Level 5 - Blood Rush: Can be upgraded 2 times
A 6 hit combo, with each hit 4 times stronger than a regular punch. After fully upgrading, it becomes 8 times stronger.

Defense Skill Branch
Level 1 - Iron Skin: Passive, can be upgraded 10 times.
Increases your HP. When fully upgraded, your HP is now 300.

Level 2 - Bullet Time: Can be upgraded 4 times
Everything slows down except you. When fully upgraded, everything except you is 4 times slower.

Level 3 - Block: Can be upgraded 7 times
Decrease damage done to you by blocking. When fully upgraded, damage is decreased by 15.

Level 4 - Counterattack: Passive, can be upgraded 4 times.
When an enemy melee attacks you, there is a chance to counterattack. When fully upgraded, there is a 20% chance of doing this.

New status bars:

The first new one is the weapon overheat bar. If you fire a weapon too much without stopping and the bar reaches 100, then it will overheat and you can;t use it for 30 seconds.

The second is an armor bar. It starts at 0 because you don't have any equipped, but once you equip something it goes up. When you get attacked, it will go down, and if it reaches 0, then your armor will be destroyed and your health will go down when you get attacked.

Third is a food bar update. In the first game, it went down way too fast. This time around it'll go down slower.

Day/night system:
Time will pass by a lot slower. Depending on the time, certain enemies would come out or act differently. NPCs would not join you or be harder to recruit at night.

More ideas coming!


Sorry if it doesn't sound like Notrium to you, but if made, it would be like Notrium, just a lot more complex.
MageKing17 14 years ago
Not to rain on your parade, but there is already a thread for these things: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3426</a><!-- l -->

It's generally a good idea to use existing threads for topics, rather than create a new thread every time you want to talk about the same thing.
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