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MY beta version release.

mexis8 12 years ago
Okay here is a beta version, forgive me for naming it Beta test version 1.0.1,

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I changed the sounds, some of the journal files, mapping areas, i edited alot.

This time the sounds makes it more thrilling and enjoyable. please enjoy my current work proggress, im doing alot more everyday.

Edit: their is many bugs which i must fix, but here is another Fixed version of my mod for the expansion of notrium, it's all a work in progress, and infact most of my work will most likly be deleted to give room for better upgradements to these beta, infact the next beta won't be released, but if people figure their is any mistakes or error, or if they have any ideas for me, it's best to postreply or pm me.

I am asking anyone who does scripting or quite possibly graphics and texture works to come forward *IF* they want to help, i need all the help i can get. all the credit when finished will not go to me, most of it will go to those who helped and those who will help in future modification, but intell then, im afraid im stuck with only being able to mod sounds journals, animations, and maps. thats about all i can possibly do.

So here it is the link to the Fixed fersion, i've only done 3% of all my work which must be done.

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Edit: Okay, i decided to give people the idea of what i did.

First of all,
Sounds files changed E.g
groan0-3 changed to dinosaur like sounds,
Fire - Is now a much more aggressive sound and it's much stronger and louder.
Wind_low_0-2- changed, From rain noise's to thunder sounds, giving it more relistic sounds instead of just wind noise's
jungle sounds will soon be louder more realistic bird sounds with background noise's.

Humans-aliens journals are both different from each other and place a different story as before, except with more expansion to the aliens species name and all the way to the humans supieror race status,

i've mannaged to add 1 new song, and soon in the next beta release will be more affected with mroe music, sound, graphics,textures,items, more story, bugs and errors will be fixed
I managed to add 1 new song, and soon many more music,

This that will be done,

Anonymous will gladly give me a hand in graphics and texture works, he aswell will give me ideas, in which i post him testing version for him to test before release of beta's,

Hopfully if everything goes well he will also do the same with me by posting his testing version so we both can create this mod together.

Main game story -
The game story this time is very much the same as before but with modifications,

This time instead of earth exploding into a supernova, i've been alot more specific by adding more infomation,

This time he escape earth with some crew, on a hover-fighter ( anonymous's idea ) which i will add a hover-fighter like craft instead of the one in the beta version.

basicly the game will be compacted with alot more marines and aliens, your basicly running around in a war field looking for shelter and troops to protect you, and i'm sure when anonymous contacts me again, i'll be able to complete this mod, with-in atleast 3-4 months shorter then it's due date release, love you bye.

Unfortunitlly, im afraid to announce, im going to be making 2 different modifications instead of one, while i was editing i had a thought about the original notrium, instead of him crashing in a escape pod? how about he already did everything he needed to, but this time when he went to leave his ship ( hover-fighter ) was shot and shattered all over the land, he and his crew were defending themselfs from the aliens as you try to escape from being shreded to pieces, now all you need to do, is find a escape pod re-fix it, and leave,

theirs that and the modification that im doing now, which of course is a enhancement from the old one, i see not many people care, but it just goes to show that even if no one plays my mod, i'll still remember i had fun doing it.

Still no one has posted anything, and to be honest, im starting to lose hope in modding now.

Here it is, some map fix's, and now can be called a beta, The one's above was to show some work intell i here from anonymous, i'll continue to release beta after beta and beta fix's as much as i can intell i've reached the final stage of completion and i'll raise a new topic of it's release, but intell then this topic will be all the version releases instead of me making topic after topic about beta release's unless it's very important or it's a different mod enjoy.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... fix%27s.7z</a><!-- m -->

Edit: their is a couple of bugs,
1 Robots make the same sounds as the aliens, must fix.
2 to easy for the player at the start, i'll make it more difficult.
3 to many marines and aliens placed on maps to maps.
Zankman 12 years ago
I too am a fan of the "war time" setting. I've also started making a similar mode with new areas and a higher number of marines, as well as a second marine fraction. I've stopped working on it a while back, but, if you want, I can fix it up and share it with you.
mexis8 12 years ago
Infact i would love to help you with your mod if your still modding it, just send it, i'll try it and see what it's like, and when im done i'll contact you with ideas of what we could do.

As we speek right now im adding extra to the Alien and humans textures.

[attachment=1]<!-- ia1 -->ragdoll_alien.png<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment]

[attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->ragdoll_human.png<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]

Have a look for yourself of the alien now.

zankman, if you need me to do any modifications to your current mod, just tell me want you need and we'll work together!

Edit: the alien, my thoughts was a bloody creature from hell.

The human, has a machine on his armour, i'm not sure what to call it. perhaps a anti gravity device?
mexis8 12 years ago
My mod now is called conquest, and from what i can see it will take longer then i thought,

as i promised before the mod will now be more complicated with complex sound enhancements, different music, im also working on the textures, instead of 1 thousand aliens versing 100 troops, it's less complex as that, but i promised it to be harder as a challenge.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... eta%202.7z</a><!-- m -->

Things i did in this beta.

1 enhanced textures when you choice your charactor.
2 More complex, with journal inhancements.
3 thunder can be heard off in the back ground,
4 sounds for the creatures are fixed.

Bugs and errors.

1 robots still make the same noise lol.
2 thunder is only heard VERY rarely.
3 i did add rain sounds, but thats never heard.
mexis8 12 years ago
Hey everyone, for those interesting in my next beta release, i've desighned these interesting equitment,

A ice pistol ( still in development ) which when shot will slow the enemy down for a few seconds while doing a nice amount of demage.

[attachment=1]<!-- ia1 -->qpistol.png<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment]

This next picture is actually the biomass detector, which if you look closly you can see the batterys used, where the main battry ( on the top ) is then filterd through the side system to clear the inpurity of the fuel.

[attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->detector.png<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]

I did a good job eh? .
Venom31 12 years ago
Generally, I'd suppose having creature detection via some mega-powered-up-and-upgraded motion detectors, rather than biomass detectors that logically should exclude such enemies as robots from your view (and they show 'em, right now, I mean). So, if you have non-biotical creatures in there, I would suppose that what said here. Otherwise - no matter.
mexis8 12 years ago
"Venom31" said:
Generally, I'd suppose having creature detection via some mega-powered-up-and-upgraded motion detectors, rather than biomass detectors that logically should exclude such enemies as robots from your view (and they show 'em, right now, I mean). So, if you have non-biotical creatures in there, I would suppose that what said here. Otherwise - no matter.

A biological motion detector detects only life forms, not thing with metal body and a machine for a heart,

But as a adjustment, i could creat a motion detector *only* able to detect Moving object instead of just ( biological, machine ) detecting trackers, this makes a WHOLE lot more sence, but i could make them all 3 seperate ideas, because if you don't have the supplies to create the motions detector you still can create older types e.g biologicall detector, or machine detector ect.

you have quite alot of compacted infomation about the one subject, but to create new textures, scripting, planning, and timing, this could be a while before im able to create detectors for my modification, if you have read my other posts, i did say that im actually creating seprate modifications, so if i make a mistake, i can simply copy and re-paste the originals textures then the failed ones i make, so i do recomend you download my beta and testing it yourself, asfore i put in alot of hard work into the creation of my mod, infact i stayed up intell 4 in the morning so that just goes to show my hard work,

as a reminder no one is helping me at this points and as i have said before, anyone that is able to Help me create new textures and graphics for this mod, then i advise you to step forward and reply back with what you can do, and we will go from their.

Ladys and gentle man, my next beta release will be so huge i will complety change everything to the original story, this is ofcourse take me several days infact weeks if i get the right amount of time, i basiclly sit here drinking cups of coffe to stay awake .

for those who want to test my *Half completed* new beta then just pm and i'll post you a test version for my new beta.
mexis8 12 years ago
Omg i can't belive it, i've overcome my fear of scripting, and now i can actually do scripting,

Now im able to add new textures of my own. yes thats right, now i will be able to go underway the Actually work needed
Zankman 12 years ago
Usually you wait for someone else to post.

Hm... I've got a lot of errors with my mode now. I'll try to fix it up and then I'll notify you.

Some info for you:
My mods conception will be somewhat similar to Opposing Force, referring to the weapons:
It will be easier to find weapons, more weapons, more bullets, but not a great increase in weight.

The point of Notrium is to stay away from fights, while I would like more action, the point of the game would be to win through conflict.
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