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Forum » If you were stuck on notrium what would you do?
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  • If you were stuck on notrium what would you do?

    fitrandiddle 16 years ago
    survival situation, eh? well time to put the massive amount of study I've put into figuring out how to create technology up to the steam age to work. hmmm... Well, after crash landing I would probably ask the hermit what he, exactly, wanted to bugger. then, while stunned, I would take his key. at this point, I would head outside and most likely see a crazy blue alien. Knowing that there's crazy shit like that, I would set up traps, yknow falling logs and whatnot around and wait till I hear a loud thump. After which I would take whatever alien got trapped and drag it back to the hermit's house. I would offer him half the meat as a peace offering, and then I would promptly store the rest on a non-poisonous looking leaf. From that point, I would proceed to take the plates and connecting bits of skin off of the alien, and proceed to make myself an alien suit. With that, I should be able to avoid being spotted at distances by aliens, so I will have some ability to move about.

    From there, I would probably set up a few rudimentary condensers out of leaves, rocks, and more leaves. that will support
    some of my water need for now. Around then I would go about the process of setting up more deadfalls, and testing the local wood for toughness. By this point, I assume I've found the nutritious fungus. I would attempt to cultivate the fungus, placing waste bits of meat on if as fertilizer, as one cannot live entirely off of meat.

    With the immediate concerns of food out of the way, I would proceed to see how much I can make of the situation. I would scavenge what I can, and hopefully make a weapon, that I would only use if I behaved fragrantly un-alienish. then I would try to find any form of metal veign, hopefully iron, and some kind of flux, hopefully lye or some such. If no metallic resources could be found, then I would at least attempt to map the area I was in. During this time I would probably find ville corp, and once they prove hostile and if I live, I would attempt to coerce the aliens into attacking them, by possibly leaving a trail of food, enraging and killing an alien and then dragging the corpse along to the ville corp area to leave a pherimone trail, or simply make them chase me. Once the battle is raging, I would scavenge some form of geological survey if I can, and hopefully some method of transportation. with this information, I would get my metallurgy industry going. From there, I would be able to provide myself with whatever creature comforts I really need.

    I would, using my newly made metal cages, set traps for live aliens. If they prove domesticateable, I would attempt to induce one into becoming a queen, and would have a bit of solidity in my settlement. I would use my iron working capabilities to make armor and augmented claws for them, and I would have a large amount attack the native alien colonies. Now, with myself being the sole owner of alien genetic diversity, I would be free to move in any non-ville corp area. I would then continue on to find the miraculous technology of the future, and attempt to understand them. then maybe I would build a working colony, set out a distress beacon, when someone comes by to pick me up, I'll tell them about it and ask for some more colonists. Then I would start penumbra enterprises inc, specializing in colonization of tricky worlds.

    From then on, I would use my colony money to get into more advanced fields, like biochemestry, synthetic intelligence, weapon design and whatnot. If I could get a technological edge over the rest of the universe, I would as quietly as I could raise an army of colonists and aliens. My domination of the universe will happen shortly thereafter. thus ends my career in notrium.
    Bones 16 years ago
    I would:
    1. Shut down da computers
    2. Make friends with Hermit aka give him da Radio
    3. Steal the radio when he is asleep
    4. Wake up Hermit, tell him that the aliens stole him his radio
    5. Watch the Hermit kill all the aliens
    6. Tell the Hermit that the stealer was the marine chief disguised into an alien
    7. Watch the Hermit kill the marine chief, making him the second marine chief
    8. Go with him to the ex-Hive and throw the radio in da lava
    9. Watch the Hermit on fire in a vague try of rescuing da radio
    10. Have a long party with da bugs from the gorge (includes pot and lots of alcohol ) (Yay me )
    11.Die from the Hermits replicant made from the smart frogs that took Notrium over from the Marines) (Yay me again )
    Narvius 16 years ago
    I would - most probably - die.
    Bones 16 years ago
    I would as well,
    but my fingers ignored me and wrote all shgismglmg (damn!) that text...
    Narvius 16 years ago
    Heh, that's called imagination *g*
    themados 16 years ago
    if i was stuck on notrium
    1.i would make a replicator cell and replicate lots of radios metal rods and computer units
    2.i would brake my replicator so that it kept making sand and stick it outside
    3.wait 2 years replecating rations
    4.whoops go back in time
    5.replicate 4 years worth of rations
    6.i would brake my replicator so that it kept making sand and stick it outside
    7.brake my engines/rockets of my escape pod to use as flame thrower
    8. get LOTS of ether
    9.whoops go back in time
    10.replicate 4 years worth of rations and LOTS of ether
    11.i would brake my replicator so that it kept making sand and stick it outside
    12.brake my engines/rockets of my escape pod to use as flame thrower
    13. turn all the sand to glass using engine flame thrower
    14.mod my radio
    15.make navigation system looking at star map through glass
    16. [censored] should have got stuff for life support systems first.
    17.Go Absolutely nuts crazy insane
    18. use head to smash glass
    19.die of glass shards embedded in brain.
    20.come back as edible fungus

    Now is that a good plan or what except for the end
    Corum 16 years ago
    I guess I'd just die a miserable painful death.
    Zeron 16 years ago
    open up the editor and put down a warp dri- What? No editor!? *Blood spatters*
    Murska 16 years ago
    Ville could just go and take control of Ville Corp, seeing as he IS the leader of it.
    MageKing17 16 years ago

    *blink* *blink*

    You know, I'd never even though of that. I always thought this thread was pointless because it was inevitably "get killed" or "insert Mary Sue here", but that brings up an interesting point. Ville could just waltz up to Ville Corp and be fine and dandy.
    Anarion 16 years ago
    I would think that Ville would be kinda like Neo in The to change anything he wished.
    themados 16 years ago
    ville:yeah no you don't little hermit *hermit pisses pants*
    hermit:no not you arggggggghhhhhhhh...
    ville oh heres my key *pulls key out of dead hermit sticking out of wall
    F22Raptor 16 years ago
    Lol <this isn't funneyh>

    I would first gather as much of that fungus shit as possible and build myself some kind of pebble crossbow to help me for the time being...

    Then i would go looking for better guns/survivors and try to build up a small group to infiltrate Ville Corp. and either 1.Find out who they really are or 2.Blow them to kingdom come and use their ships to escape.
    spoons 15 years ago
    If i Was Stuck on Notrium,

    With Hermit:
    Well firstly I'd Frown. then the hermit would see my frown and feel bad for me. So then he'd give me the key.with the key i would discover that outside is a bunch of psyco crazy aliens running around chomping on things so i'd close the door. I would use the hermits log(any emptey pages)to write my will .I would then use the metal rod in the bottem Right corner to hold my will. I'd Cover the ends withparts of the escape pod or something else like that. then i'd be the Hermits Poker Buddy Till someone finds us. (We'd Use Imaginary Cards Seince We'd probably both be loopey already )

    Without Hermt:
    If i was unlucky (or if out of some extemespeck of a chance that when crash landing on an unknown planet
    I WOULDN'T land perfectly in the middle of the Hermits Bedroom.)and landed some other place, well, I'd get eated
    Idiota 15 years ago
    I would probably climb a tree, hoping that the aliens could not, and after discovering that they could, I would try to defend myself with branches, and after that failed, I'd jump out of the tree and run away as fast as I could and slam into a reaper that I hadn't noticed due to their transparant nature and get eaten.

    Most likely
    buggy 15 years ago
    1.i would ask the hermit to open the door for me
    2.find ABUNCH of computer units and a few power prisms
    3.find a few forcefield gens and replcators
    4.find some heat packs and the tastiest food i can find and stuf them in specimen container
    5.hide in the jungle and set everything up over a few weeks
    6.hit the master control switch and flip everything on
    7.forget to be inside the fields when they turn on
    8.get eaten by the swarm of aliens attracted by the big glowing forcefield house
    Ian2454 15 years ago
    Beat the hermit senseless, and use him as a distraction for aliens until I found the parts to make a sniper pistol. Assuming this isn't Werivar I'd then go to the mining fields and steal the important parts and make an armored fortress. Break my pistol into a powered accel. with an extra fuel cell to make a radiator, and break a laser turret I fixed for the laser pistol. Hop on the shuttle and take over the Marine Mothership. Modify the ship to have a heat ray, kill all aliens, pick up the lunch-meat and leave. Simple, right?
    D0M0 15 years ago
    i'd be stuck
    Dorten 15 years ago
    If I were stuck on Notrium, I'd died. In a very horrible and bloody way. Poor me
    Starioshka 15 years ago
    i will take flashlight and start braking it till atoms then i will make new galaxy!
    Zankman 15 years ago
    Pfft... I would do all the basic stuff in order to survive, later on I would increase my goals: I would probably try to kill the VC leader and take control of their forces.
    SmokNiszczyciel 14 years ago
    1. kill you
    2. kill Ville
    3. kill Hermit
    4. kill marine
    5. kill small blue alien
    6. kill blue alien
    7. kill ice alien
    8. kill brown alien
    9. kill reaper
    10. kill pebble
    11. destroy ancient ruins
    12. eat hive
    13. pee at queen's face
    14. kick queen
    15. ban queen
    16. slap hermit
    17. build tank
    18. build super tank
    19. make my own race [lol]
    20. make super-uber-shit
    21. i dont know
    22. own planet
    23. start universe war
    24. eat notrium
    25. make my own mod!
    26. start colonizing notrium and be owner of notrium, build army then go war some aliens
    27. go back at earth with all new technologies [ofc go back in time] and pwn u before u born!
    28. is Ville looking at me?:O
    29. no, i dont like u cause my notrium is bugged!
    30. ?
    31. theres no 30 and no 32!
    33. ok ill build computer and play: notrium,halo,star sonata,runescape,counter strike, enemy territory! <<<my favourite
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