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SmokNiszczyciel 9 years ago
Hey, im back to notrium after looong break Im about to make new mod, it will be BIG MOD
Hmm tell me guys, what u want see in my mod Like plasma rifle, new aliens,ai tactics,maps,missions,etc - everything u want, and ill try to add it to my mod
Just tell me, for example:
Hey, i want new AI in ur mod: dragon. If u can, add some weapons: giga pebble! :O. Add new conditions! Add new races please [etc]

Give me ur ideas!

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atm im still stuck with my old problem with areas :/ cant add new to game :/
Can some1 give me example for map?
-1; 0;-1;X
0 - center [starting arena like ancient ruins]
X - i want to add here my map, i tried -2, -1, and area type [3,4,5 etc] and it doesnt work, game crashes/ i cant see my map in there :/ So what should i do?

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O shit, sorry wrong place for this topic :/
ZeXLR8er 9 years ago
Download Wazzal II; almost all of the weapons graphics and quite a few of the other ones you want are there; feel free to take any you like the look of!
SmokNiszczyciel 9 years ago
Ok weapon graphs but ... its only 1% of all i need!:O This is gonna be bi1i1i1i1ig mod, but i still have some problems: well i dont have much time/day to work at mod and i cant fix this stupid bug with map :/ I want to make it ~50x50 but i cant -_-
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