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Jeff (guest) 10 years ago
For Driftmoon, I would like to look at the code in "goldfishgenerator.ob2" and possibly "mod" it. Would somebody please give me a few step-by-step instructions to get me started? Thanks.

If I need to import the file into the Mod Editor, fine, but I'm stumped by this screen:

ville 10 years ago
1. Start your own mod. You've probably done that already.
2. Copy the goldfishgenerator.ob2 from the main mod into your own mod, into the same subdirectory.
3. Open the file using the import button.

That should do it! If you're for some reason unable to even export an object (your exported object never shows up in the import screen), then it might be possible that the mod directory is copy protected, or that it doesn't even exist.
Jeff 10 years ago

Thanks for your response.

Step 1. Done

Step 2. Done

Step 3. I'm still stumped. See the image from my original post.

I click on "load"--nothing
I click in the "Folders:" field--nothing

(Once I get used to the Mod Editor's idiosyncracies, I'll be off and running. )
ville 10 years ago
I had to look at it for 10 minutes, but finally I see where the problem is. It's the mainmod folder you've got under your own mod, just get everything under the mainmod folder up one folder, so that your ob2 file is under Goldfish Generator\objects\default\
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