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Forum » Shingo? That guy? No.... Wait... Seriously?

Shingo? That guy? No.... Wait... Seriously?

Shingo 13 years ago
You see Nothing! Do you hear me? None of you's saw nothin'!

But onto more serious matters.

So it occurs to me that I have been long gone from this, my beloved home of yesteryear. Quite literally yesteryear, in fact. Well okay, not quite. As we can see here, it has been 14 days short of a year since I last posted! Whoa. Ville even changed the name of the website!

As for a brief summary of what went on with me? Cejer stopped showing up much and so die Zombie. For some time, I was quite enthusiastically partaking in online MtG games with MK, but that too grew somewhat tiring. The root of the problem was partially my own fault, as it is somewhat obnoxious to field a constantly-being-tweaked-to-improve-performance elf deck that uses the hallmark of broken elf and/or other beneficial cards to produce mounds of tokens with */* stats, where * is the number of elves in play, and such. But I digress. Precipitating my departure, was a somewhat shorter departure. in January of 2009, I shipped off to the United States Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Deigo (aka, Boot Camp). I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, I would give almost anything to get another chance, but sadly I was given a Medical Erroneous discharge after about a month of training, due to what a Navy doctor decided were pre-existing kidney conditions. That said, I am currently unable to re-enlist as I do not have the money nor the medical insurance to cover a visit to a medical specialist for examination to declare that the concerns leading to said discharge are no longer an issue. As such, I've found myself somewhat embittered and disillusioned at certain things, and for a time was unable to provide much of a presence on the internet. When my online personage was restored, around September of 09, (and somewhat in the months preceding September, in which I was fully engrossed in Ragnarok Online) Cejer managed to convince me to try out Aion Online. It was a blast, I loved it, most beautiful game I've ever seen, but in the end - Aion is currently devastated by some changes made to the NA/European versions which drastically alter game balance, it has an exceedingly huge amount of grinding, all of which reside amongst other glaring problems. Having said that, I have now embarked on the journey of a Rogue in World of Warcraft on the Laughing Skull server, by the name of Ashukiel.

*deep breath*

Also, I'm a huge (massive) fan of D&D 4e. If anybody could be interested in playing and/or DMing, I would be interested in discussion of the matter.

Ps. Idiota! I better be seeing a welcome for you or you're playing the role of little spoon tomorrow night! Same goes for you, Zombie. /me demands a showing! I suppose I might even try to drag back Cejer from his forum-grave.
Pss. It's good to be back - I am rather intrigued by the progress Ville is making with making his game-production into srs bizns, and look forward to the release of Driftmoon.
Psss. Back to less serious matters it would seem.
Pssss. That said - I should have a pretty durn solid presence in the IRC channel, now that I've settled some funky issues with my IRC client, and I am interested to see my re-inception into Monkkone- er..... Instantkingdom. >___>
E_net4 13 years ago
Welcome back, mister.
And despite the the website's new name, I will always remember it as
Idiota 13 years ago
Woopwoop, it's Shingo! I saw your post in the projects corner before this one and I was like... "Wait... what? Shingo? o.o" (Yes, I intentionally placed that emoticon inside the quote, as I think facial expressions should be quotable (quoteable? quote-able? (Yes, with a french pronounciation of 'able') I know it not...). It's good to see you, although it saddens me that you so thoroughly enjoy 4e D&D, which I think is the worst edition yet. Whilst my presence on the internet has been in a steady decline ever since I went to university, I do still check this site and purge it of evildoers (although that's not really necessary anymore). But it seems that I should be making more of an appearance in the IRC channel soon as well. It's not like I don't sit behind my computer any less, it's just that I do other things with it than before, so it should be possible.

Does my reply-within-4-hours satisfy you, ser? Welcome back, mon!
Shingo 13 years ago
Very much so. <3 I missed everybody a lot. @_@

I hope University is going well for you?
Crazy 13 years ago
Murska 13 years ago
Hi Shingo. I'd still be just as willing to learn D&D but I still don't know anything about it.
Grim Reaper 13 years ago
[insert generic "Welcome back" message]

[insert generic suggestion to go read what little there is to read of the Flashy Adventure Experiment, despite the author's general laziness and lack of good ideas for replies to be made for suggested actions posted by the community]
Anonymous1157 13 years ago
YAY! Someone else has turned up after a long-term absence! Welcome back! This is going to get interesting. *Plans to show up on IRC to witness the lulz ensuing*
Pete 13 years ago
[insert an alternate generic "Welcome back" message]
The Gemini 13 years ago
Heh, another one? I just got back here too. Welcome back!
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