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Life support chip

Branimir 14 years ago
I know there is life support chip in Elden but i dont know where. Is that chip on random place every time or is it on same place like tazor?
E_net4 14 years ago
It's a semi-rare item, and can be found in a random location. It doesn't have to be in Eden.
Venom31 14 years ago
Each time you start, two (2) Life support chips spawn in random places in the game. (Yeah, I frequently find one in Eden just because there are less items that are like it in that location ).
If you're playing on Medium or High difficulty, you receive a bonus for perfect completion of the space level (where you dodge missiles with your Escape Pad). If you take no hits, you get a bonus specific to your race. When Human, you receive a nice Enviro-Armor. You can break it up to get a Life support chip out of it. Also, a Power Armor will remain, so you get 2 helpful items from the start ;p.
Forum » Life support chip

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