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Pre-orders up!

Amarth 12 years ago
Buy it already!
Endymion 12 years ago
Sadly I couldn't reach my bank to get access codes to my account yesterday due to a flat tire in my bike. Otherwise I would've bought it already.
E_net4 12 years ago
Will do,... next holidays. I've been so busy killing my time on Minecraft in the weekends and university work when not in the weekends.
Anarion 12 years ago
If I had the day off I'd buy it right away. Guess I'l have to wait till tonight.

It's gonna be a long day.
Vacuus 12 years ago
Damnit, I don't have any money left in my paypal account

Will have to transfer some over but it'll be next week by the time it arrives.
Narvius 12 years ago
Yay, advertised on TIGSource. Nice :>
ville 12 years ago
Thanks for the encouragement everyone! It's been such a lot of work to get this far, I'm glad it's being received well.
grackle 11 years ago
Hi There,

Nice job on this so far. Driftmoon is a sweet game with gentle humour.
For any fellow gimps out there it is indeed playable with one working arm and a touch-pad for mouse.
I look forward to following its development.
ville 11 years ago
Thanks grackle! Glad to hear it.
messina176 11 years ago
seriously awesome game just bought a little while ago XD
Forum » Pre-orders up!

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