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Gem of Ro

Jeff 10 years ago
The dialog just finished saying "Robert watches you place the gem safely inside your luggage".

Here's a screenshot of my inventory:

Maybe I'm just having a "bad hair day", but I don't see the Gem of Ro in my inventory. Would somebody please point it out to me?

If the Gem of Ro shouldn't appear in my inventory (but the other four gems are there), please simply tell me, "You're okay. Keep playing."

Jeff 10 years ago
Ha, ha, ha.

...and ha, ha, ha again.

I "forged" ahead without the Gem of Ro in my inventory.
ville 10 years ago
Could it have been under a different tab? Items go under another tab if the first one is full, though yours does seem to have some room. Testing the map I seem to get the gem just fine, but it may be possible that there's some way that it's bugged - I will keep my eyes open for any reports about it.
Jeff 10 years ago
Hmmm. I wrote the "Ha, ha, ha" reply thinking that "Driftmoon" was intentionally designed to have us fretting about the Gem of Ro as we proceed through the game.

Now, I've read your most recent reply, and apparently, there really is a problem.

Could it have been under a different tab?

I checked all of the tabs thoroughly. Gem of Ro isn't there. Looked at items.ini to determine which picture is used for Gem of Ro (gem4.png), then looked at graphics\items to determine the appearance of gem4.png, then checked all tabs again. Gem of Ro isn't there.

Strangely enough, I was able to finish "Driftmoon" with only the first four gems in my inventory.
(A message to the forum with my thoughts about the positive aspects of "Driftmoon" forthcoming in a day or two.)
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