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Forum » It seems Idiota turned 21.

It seems Idiota turned 21.

Anarion 8 years ago
Congratulations and happy birthday.
E_net4 8 years ago
Hey, I haven't seem him for a while, but really hope he comes up today. Happy Birthday!
Amarth 8 years ago
I checked when I saw his birthday come up.

He didn't log in for half a year.
Narvius 8 years ago
Old, old people.
Happy birthday, whether you see this or not
Murska 8 years ago
Yeah. Grats, Idiota.

And damn. People keep getting older...
MageKing17 8 years ago
Congratulations, Idiota! Come baaaack!
Crazy 8 years ago
Congratshumalations to you who are not here.
Vacuus 8 years ago
This almost feels like cult worship to me....
Pete 8 years ago
Hail the Idiota!
Forum » It seems Idiota turned 21.

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