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Forum » It seems Idiota turned 21.

It seems Idiota turned 21.

Anarion 13 years ago
Congratulations and happy birthday.
E_net4 13 years ago
Hey, I haven't seem him for a while, but really hope he comes up today. Happy Birthday!
Amarth 13 years ago
I checked when I saw his birthday come up.

He didn't log in for half a year.
Narvius 13 years ago
Old, old people.
Happy birthday, whether you see this or not
Murska 13 years ago
Yeah. Grats, Idiota.

And damn. People keep getting older...
MageKing17 13 years ago
Congratulations, Idiota! Come baaaack!
Crazy 13 years ago
Congratshumalations to you who are not here.
Vacuus 13 years ago
This almost feels like cult worship to me....
Pete 13 years ago
Hail the Idiota!
Forum » It seems Idiota turned 21.

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