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Forum » A question abouot length.....

A question abouot length.....

aquamarmoset 12 years ago
Hey everyone! First, let me say that from what Ive read and watched about Driftmoon, this game is going to be absolutely amazing! Im very much looking forward to its release! I do have a question about length, however. I was wondering two things;

1) When pre-purchasing Driftmoon and playing the current (unfinished) build, about how much time could one be expected to spend in it?

2) Similar to the above, how long do you think the campaign will be once its completed?

Thanks so much for your help in answering this questions, and even more so for your work on a genuinely fresh and exciting concept!
Anne 12 years ago
Glad to hear from you, aquamarmoset!

Here's the best guess we have at the moment:
1) Getting to the end of the part currently available to pre-orderers should take you 2-3 hours, or possibly more depending on your playing style, and e.g. the level of difficulty - easy being somewhat faster, as you'd probably guess. If you like to play like I would, and try to find the fun little details in the game, it'll take longer. You might for example notice a pair of idle skeletons having a chat, if you pay attention. (The in-game time meter isn't quite accurate.)

2) The whole campaign will of course be notably longer than the current version, but we can't name a reliable estimate yet. BUT: We do aim at making the whole game good & interesting throughout, and not just adding hours of boring & random stuff to get the game to last 50 hours.

AND as a nice bonus, we'll also implement a mod sharing system, for all the diverse mods people have already started experimenting with, when using our editor. All the mods will be available to all orderers (if that is the wish of the mod creator).
Forum » A question abouot length.....

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