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Forum » Survival Mod Creation [Recrute WEAPON maker Urgent]

Survival Mod Creation [Recrute WEAPON maker Urgent]

Thereaper 13 years ago
Hi all, i'm not a good creator but i have an idea for a great mod. The Captain starts in a lost wood, he have to survive, but the bears, the wolf and cannibal guys don't want him in the forest. The captain must found a spot to hide but that's not easy to do...

I have created : (i just start this mod)

Agressive Gun : A shotgun combined with rapid fire pistol i let you guess the result

I have creat the Human Survival Class, he have 400 hp, 2000 foods

More sugestion?

Screens : (sorry these screen is not small)

[attachment=1]<!-- ia1 -->Screen n°1.jpg<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment] [attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->Screen n°2.JPG<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]
TNN17 13 years ago
Go for it! Notrium engine works great with things like survival, and more mods for Notrium is never bad. You're welcome to lift code and images from FM, and of course feel free to ask advice on coding. Go for something short and sweet to start with, once you have a complete mini-model you can branch out from there (rather than doing the broad foundation approach that takes forever and needs a very precise vision on the finished product to complete).

Also: Get the NMV, you'll save an eternity of time.
Thereaper 13 years ago
The NMV doesn't work, i'll just try again, thanks for your help!
Forum » Survival Mod Creation [Recrute WEAPON maker Urgent]

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