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Megabane problems

andy2003 16 years ago
It looks like a cool game, but when I run mouse pointer disapears. Can anyone help me out?
ville 16 years ago
Try toggling the faster mouse cursor setting in the setup program. If that doesn't help, closing all windows before starting Magebane might help.
LordCirth 9 years ago
Hey ville, the Magebane 2 download file has the Win32.Agent.exe Trojan in it. my security found it thankfully. thot you would want 2 know.
Vacuus 9 years ago
That's a false positive, I seem to remember getting a similar reading on the setup program.

Rest assured, if you downloaded it from then there's no virus. Antivirus programs like to scan files and try to preemptively determine if they're dangerous. In this case it's wrong.
ville 9 years ago
Yes, it's likely a false positive. Setup programs sometimes get caught in some ill-defined heuristics.
Forum » Megabane problems

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