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Silverhawk85 12 years ago

I don't really know if this is already mentioned ... and thats the problem. In my opinion the forums are confusing. It would be an improvement to divide the forum into topics. Then it would be easier to find specific subjects. Now several subjects are all thrown together, so that it's difficult to see if there is already an existing thread about a question you like to ask.

Edited 12 years ago
Anonymous1157 12 years ago
Those of us who were here before the forum software change have already discussed this. The old forum was a standard phpBB forum, where everything was indeed split into subforums. The problem is that we weren't even using half of those subforums, and the ones we weren't using hadn't received useful (non-spam) posts in years.

I suggested a *booru-style tagging system to make it easier to find threads, and I recall there being some support for the idea, but it just didn't happen. At any rate, Ville is focusing on Driftmoon right now, so forum software upgrades will have to wait until later. (I forget when exactly.)

The problem we had immediately after the software change is people posting threads that describe their problem but not with which game they're having the problem (Like this one or this other one), but even that seems to have subsided. Just title your threads right and there should be no practical problems with the new forum.

I for one have no problem with this forum. Only the top ten-ish threads are active at any given time, so it saves a few clicks to see them all at a glance if you just want to check for new posts. If you need to find an older thread, there's always the search box.

Edited 12 years ago
Silverhawk85 12 years ago
Ok, thanks for the info, but this is what I meant. I didn't know that this was already discussed. ^^
You can also use many differnt words in the subject line to shortly describe your problems as a topic, so the search function isn't always successful because you don't know how the subject is named. But I'm also the opinion that the first priority is to finish the game.
ville 12 years ago
Subcategories are obviously a good idea if we start getting more traffic. It should be pretty trivial to get them working when they are needed, so just stay tuned.

If you have any other ideas for forum improvements, I'm always open to suggestion. I actually like making server code, it's a good break from working with game code every once in a while.
SpeedBlade 12 years ago
TheOMG said:
"Grim Reaper" said:
"TheOMG" said:
Ok, so it's Grillimaggara, then... *
And even then, ONLY IF IT'S HK'S BLĂ…!!! *
Understood... *

- The most recent dialogue in a sub-forum for five consecutive years.

* Reaper, Grim, and TheOMG. "Suomalaiset." Instant Kingdom. The Old Forums, 2006. Web. <>.
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