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About the way you handle ur weapon

Handshakes 20 years ago
How hard was it to get the mouse to input like it does in controlling the arm of the player?
ville 20 years ago
Admittedly it was really difficult as I don't know trigonometry enough. I guess there could be simpler ways to do it, but I took this approach:

Imagine the screen is a plane that partially covers a sphere, then calculate the position of mouse from the screen to where it would be on the sphere. There you have the point of the sword, and you can calculate where you want the arm to be.
Nutest 20 years ago
My feavurate game is the Notrium. I like it much!!!
MUDrSauron 20 years ago
a bit outtopic, dont u think?
LunaticNeko 19 years ago

I love the Forge engine. What's that again? This kind of handling has some weaknesses in stabbing, lunging and back-to-front attacks. I can only gesture the sword around
snogus 18 years ago
yeh the bet i could do is swing my sword side to side and make the swing high or low, (high is better because it's pretty easy to kill someone if you hit them in the neck a couple of times).
Forum » About the way you handle ur weapon

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