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Blue Screen Of Death

SkullAK 19 years ago
Yeah you heard me lol, whenever i choose my difficulty level (easy lol) the game crashes my laptop (windows xp proffesional, 256mb ram, 2.1ghz pentium four processor (anything else you need?)) and gives me the dreaded blue screen for a split second before the laptop is turned off. The game works fine on my main computer (windows xp proffesional, 512mb ram, 2.4.ghz pentium four processor). im not quite sure what video card and sound cards im using, if you need that please let me know and ill be happy to find out
ville 19 years ago
There's probably nothing I can do. The most likely reason is some uncompatibility with your hardware. You can try upgrading your graphics drivers, but it's not guaranteed to help.
Forum » Blue Screen Of Death

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