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Driftmoon Modding questions

JGurgeh 9 years ago

I recently started playing Driftmoon which I got from GOG, and I love it! Just a perfect fun uncomplicated little RPG - I especially love that the whole game can be played with just the mouse. And I have to say after playing around in the editor for 20 mins, I'm impressed with the functionality and think it might be ideal for a little game project I'm working on.

I have just a few questions pertinent to my needs which I hope someone can answer...

1) How many followers can there be at once?

2) Using the editor, can I change the character creation start so that it's set to a pre-ordained and named character, or a variety of characters to choose from? Or will I have to do some 'proper' programming to change that sort of thing? My scripting knowledge is limited to PHP and a bit of Javascript (I'm a web developer), though I did try to give C++ a go once, but it hurt my aging brain a bit!

3) I know you can change texture graphics etc, but can you import new modelling assets? If so, what format do they need to be in? Part of my game is set in the modern era and I need to include some specific things.

4) Ummm.... I think that's it!


PS: About my project... It's a little RPG-lite adventure game as a gift to my young neices and nephews, featuring them on a fantasy time-travel adventure on a Scottish island where they holiday every year. It will initially be just for them, but I would like to release to the world at large! After spending hundreds of hours in RPGMaker last year and then putting it on hold, I've decided to start again, developing it in something less limited and clunky and more appealing and playable.

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ville 9 years ago
First, great to hear you've had fun with Driftmoon and the editor. And awesome that you're making a game of your own! And it really sound like you're the be the best uncle ever, making such a wonderful gift for the kids! I believe the Driftmoon editor might in fact be a very good platform for you to make what you're planning - It's designed to be as easy to use as possible, with also quite a bit of possibilities built in the editor and scripting language.

1) There's no actual limit, but it starts looking strange after about 5. It would be nice if they could assume some nice formation after that amount.

2) For character creation you're limited to what settings.ini can provide you. You can change the descriptions for the stats, and also what they do. There's no way to preset the player name I'm afraid, but you can change the description in the naming screen - so you can just make it say "what is your favourite color?" or something, and then name the player in the start of the game using a script: setPlayerAsTarget() AND setName("jack")

3) If you need 3d models, the game can only understand .obj format. The models reside in the "models" folder, you can check out the main mod for examples.
JGurgeh 9 years ago
Thank you so much for your very thorough answers. They are very helpful.

I actually wrote my request after only playing 3 hours of Driftmoon - I was pleased to see that later on in the game I had 4 followers fighting alongside me, which is great. I do have 9 neices and nephews (yes, I have busy siblings!), but didn't anticipate having more than 5 in a group at once (including the player), and only for short periods, so that's perfect.

That's a good workaround for the naming. I had thought of allowing them to choose who they want to play from the beginning, perhaps even creating seperate builds for each of them with seperate starting stories, but I think that would be a vast amount of work, so am going to start with the oldest as the main character and have the group of followers build up according to age

Regarding models - It's been a while since I messed about with 3D modelling software, but I do know I can output OBJ files with Milkshape, and there are plenty of pre-made things out there in that format that I might use too.

Thanks again. I'll let you know how I get on!
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