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INFERNUS 9 years ago
Hi guys!
I was very inspired by the werewolf games you created here, so I made my own type of game.
It is based of futuristic survival on alien planet. While scavenging for food and water, you have to scrap the parts of the broken ships, and repair your own ship to escape. However, with tons of various creatures lurking in the swamps and forests, it will require a strategic teamwork in order to survive. It has advanced, yet user friendly medical system, exploration, scavenging, cooking, hunting and other types of fun stuff.

The day is divided into 3 turns, morning, evening and night. Each turn lasts for about a week, depending on my time.

The game files are located on my google drive, which means that if you play, you will have to PM me your email to access your player sheets.

Now this may look complex to you, but it is actually pretty easy to understand after 2 or 3 turns. If you have any questions or if you don't know how to make a turn, you can always ask me~

Medic- Has advance knowledge to most medical conditions and items. He also heals faster when he uses items on someone.
+Medical Knowledge
Soldier(2)- Starts with a weapon and light armor, has higher chance of hitting and killing the animals.
Chef- Can prepare various types of food. Mmmm...
+All Food Preparing
+Preparing Animals
Ship engineer(2)- Has advance knowledge of mechanical and electrical components of the ship.
+Fixing Ship Parts
+Scrapping Ship Parts
+Inspecting Ship Parts
Hunter(2)- Starts with Hunting Knife, he has better chances of finding, killing animals and tracking lost players.
+Tracking Players/Animals
+Preparing Food (Meat)
+Preparing Animals
Botanist- Can reveal the purpose of one plant he wishes each turn. He also can prepare various beverages of plants, like tea.
+Plant Knowledge
+Preparing Food (Tea, Juice)


Tell me your class and PM me your email if you wish to play. If you have any questions, ask me.

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Endymion 9 years ago
Sounds cool! I'll definetly play.
MageKing17 9 years ago
You don't really provide any information about what gameplay itself will be like.
INFERNUS 9 years ago
MageKing17 said:
You don't really provide any information about what gameplay itself will be like.

It's a game that heavily depends on teamwork. You need to acquire enough food, water and medical supplies to survive the days on the alien planet, until you fix the ship. Each role has an ability which can help you to survive longer.

-Hunters and soldiers will hunt animals for food.
-Chef will prepare the animals into more useful food.
-Botanist will gather and identify plants that are useful for medicine.
Ship engineers will scrap off good segments of other broken ships to fix your crashed ship.
-Medic will administrate items to players that are hurt enough.

As I said, the day is divided into 3 turns, morning, evening and night. Your goal is to find as much food, water and medicine equipment before the night, as dangerous creatures will come out of their dens.

Each player has 20 APs (Action Points), and can go under to -20. The less APs you have, the harder it will be to do the task, or you will have lowered strength to fight the animals. You can replenish your APs by eating healthy food or by sleeping.

Now, for some examples at the first turn:
-Gee, we are lucky we survived... We need to check on the ship's status first so we can check if it is even fixable. John, you should do that. I will go and find some firewood before the night falls. I will also scavenge this area for food.
---------------[Start of actions]
-Gather Firewood
-Scavenge for Food(D4)
---------------[End of actions]

-Alright, I'll make a list of everything that should be fixed, and later I will tell you what parts I need.
---------------[Start of actions]
---------------[End of actions]

-Mac, I'll help you out in finding some food. Maybe I can find some useful plants out there too
---------------[Start of actions]
-Scavenge for Food(D4)
---------------[End of actions]

Now I will explain how to make turns:

-Mac, I'll help you out in finding some food. Maybe I can find some useful plants out there too
First, you say what you want to do in the turn, or anything related to the game. Talk to your teammates, plan actions for this or another turn.

---------------[Start of actions]
-Scavenge for Food(D4)
---------------[End of actions]

This here is an Action Block.
This is the most important thing. There should be only one action block in one turn. So I suggest you make it on the last post, before the turn ends. If you made an mistake in the Action Block, underline the action and it will be canceled. This is because others can see the action you canceled, so they can cancel their actions if needed. For example, Mac wont go in food scavenge, so Mike wont go either.

You can check the actions in the link I provided at the first post.

Anything below the action block is off topic chat. It should have Italic format so I can see the difference.
After the turn is done, I will read trough the posts and I will make a post that will prevent you to post anything further until I switch to the next turn.(Well, it wont prevent you, but you know what I mean) After I'm done, I will edit that post to the current status, and update your player sheets with your actions that happened, that will be located on the google drive.

Anything else?

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