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roid 19 years ago
Ville i noticed you mentioned the game "Die By The Sword" (DBTS) in another thread, so you must be somewhat familure with the game. I stumbled across The Forge while looking for information on DBTS. There isn't many games out there that are anything liek DBTS, The Forge is one of the few, there are also some very basic (forward/back/attack/block) fencing simulation games that are somewhat similar, but nothing worth mentioning. The Forge is the closest i've ever seen another game come to DBTS's control technique.

so, am i right about The Forge being heavily influenced by DBTS? i hope you still have hopes for future versions of the game and aspire to make a sequal even more realistic in this sense (ie: being closer in control technique to DBTS).
LunaticNeko 19 years ago
Ville got stuck in the U. He can't do anything but study.... OUCH!

*got smacked by ville, which is pointing gun at him*

Okay, he wants to go far better. That's why we post in 'The Sequel' thread. Now if you have ideas you can go there.

I think ForgeII will feature the following:

-Tactical attacks with more techniques
-Skill and level system
-Better textures (you can do that Ville! You are an artist!)
-Realistic physics
- (not sure) Real-World online Character Server
-MOD SUPPORT! DO THIS VILLE!!!!!!!!! *dies*
ville 19 years ago
I actually hadn't played DBTS when I made The Forge, so it wasn't influenced by it. I'm not sure I would like to make the sequel more like DBTS, but it's a thought.

If you're looking for swordplay, I hear the newly released Sid Meier's Pirates has some sword fighting.
Flikerator 19 years ago
I have it. Really the battle system isnt that amazing. I could build it (Not the graphics of course) with ease. It was kinda entertaining at first but after a phew fights you are like "omg not again". The death of the pirates is funny at first (You know him down, he falls on fire and runs of ship), but it gets stale. There are only a phew different victories which are random.
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