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[Mod] Afterlight

Petrenko 11 years ago

i'll post changelogs and features in this thread and will answer questions and read your comments, hopefully filled with critic and suggestions.
Updating still needs time since i got no home and no internet-connection.


Added new treasure items. (2 Watches, 2 Mobiles, Cigarettes, Lighter)
Added new weapons, headgear and shields. (Motorcycle Helmet, Caps, Axes, Machete)
Expanded two areas. (Fascist Base + Fascist Sewers) - They still lack quests! WIP
Added new faction (Fascist Skinheads)
Added shoes, just for the feeling.

004: (Now online!)
Added new items.
Added new quest.
Fleamarket-Map is bigger now. (Also got a kind of run.)
New Scenery in Sewers and Urban.

Now what i need from you:
- A name for the new Faction
- A logo for the new Faction

You also can add links and stuff with new items, clothes, objects (I need a toilet xD)
Simply post links or make a map and include your object. I'll take every help i can get. Thanks in advance!

Edited 11 years ago
Endymion 11 years ago
I like it.
Some ideas and stuff:
First of all the tops of lampposts shouldn't have physics.
And I would really recommend using CreateObject instead of CreateBot to spawn NPCs. Also the way NPCs respawn is kind of meh, I'd like to do it better. Simplest way to make it slightly more interesting and realistic that I can think of would be to just spawn new npcs at a random "entrance" and tell it to move to the location from there. But I could try making it a lot more dynamic than that.
Having a globalflags for how many from each faction has died and adjusting some things based on that would be cool.
Petrenko 11 years ago

yeah the lamps need to get fixed. I might just get rid of the respawn and instead make random events happening like "Enemy invades from the east." and stuff. Dunno about it know. Also i'd like to change the map layout a bit. No more GridLike. But i need some textures and decals. Not much time this week.

Also when the community or i will make some very small run-maps i'll add some kind of "portals". You can find info about a location or an event and then activate the note to teleport to there. After it is done you will be teleported to your home.

Faction war itself with flags and territories would be best. Might need a prototype.
Endymion 11 years ago
Sewer looks nice now.
Also I fixed the lampposts in the first map:
Petrenko 11 years ago

wow got the 200 downloads!

Since my laptop got crushed (my girlfriend stepped on it and i don't want to hear any comments about this!) i need some time to restart working. also i got another mod i'm working on for running with rifles:

My next steps are veeery unclear.

My last work was some kind of tileset for the sewers so making maps gets a dozen times easier and faster, and with enough chunks they still look sexy.

So i might change back to a desktop pc and everything goes straight ahead.
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