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Narvius 11 years ago
I've been hacking together this little piece over the past few days.

Basically, avoid bullets. You are the big square, the small circles shoot stuff at you. Or do other vile things. The goal is to survive with the least amounts of hits and the largest amount of grazes possible.

Your hitbox is actually confined to only the center pixel of the (rather large) square. Bullets that touch your outer large square count as grazes (which makes them change color and increase your graze count by 1). Every bullet can only be grazed once.

When you are hit, you are protected from more hits for 1.5 seconds - you cannot graze in that time, either, though.

This version contains three demonstrative levels and barely any functionality at all. Except, y'know, bullets. And shooters.

WASD/UpLeftDownRight - obviousness.
Left Shift - Slow Move (move at halved speed, show own hitbox)
Space/Enter - accept menu selection.

You will need a recent-enough version of SDL (obtainable here) in the same folder as the file, or on $PATH, or on whatever makes your OS find it.

Windows x64 binary
Clozure CL Image File

In order to run it on platforms other than Win x64, you additionally need CCL. Download the image file and use the command line to pass it to the interpreter contained in CCL (the executable on toplevel in the CCL directory - the win x64 version calls it "wx86cl64.exe").

Mind you, this is untested. I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work on other systems, but I've run it under Win 7 64-bit only.

Written in Common Lisp over four days.

860 lines (with at least a thousand more discarded along the way):
112 comment
129 empty
619 code (102 of that used to describe the three levels themselves directly)

I actually had an extreme coding streak while making this - 16 hours.

Edited 11 years ago
TNN17 11 years ago
Ooo, bullet hell. Very nice, and painfully difficult.

My best was 8 hits and 163 grazes.
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