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Version 1.1 A blast from the past, this mod was originaly made for the version of Driftmoon released in 2009. Despite this, it still has no proper ending. So, dare you brave the shores of Port Potomac, or can you not handle the retro*?

Version 1.1 (the Pouch Patch) changelog: -Added minimap and fastravel waypoints to Potomac city -It is now possible to do the Right Thing -Main quest log now displays properly *very little retro included. Consult your doctor if younger than 16 or otherwise suspectible to retro-containing products. Author not responsible for any retro-related maladies. Author also not responsible for any bad plot related maladies, though he would like to apoligise for that. Product might cause slight damage to fourth wall. Handle with care. Product not rigorously tested. Product also not non-rigorously tested. Please report any problems, bugs, issues or dead family members caused by the product. No one ever reads the fine print, right? Right. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. The third door on the right contains a dreaded trihorn beast. When the monkey comes calling, give the man the claw of deceit. Product might cause a relapse in persons previously exposed to stretchy textures syndrome. Product might be responsible for excessive disclaimer syndrome.

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