Driftmoon Release Candidate 0.99


I give you the Driftmoon Release Candidate, version 0.99! With this version we've fixed about 200 typos, and otherwise improved the wording of our texts. Writing a roleplaying game is a huge effort, so small mistakes are bound to creep into the dialogues. I want to give special thanks to our testers for helping us find all the errors! Driftmoon couldn't be this great without you.

An important fix with this version is that we've finally had a chance to optimize our rendering code. While Driftmoon works on pretty much any old computer, even first generation netbooks, there are locations in the game that have been visibly slower. The biggest culprit, terrain rendering, is now much more optimized, and runs up to 30% faster in the previously slow locations.

If you haven't tried Driftmoon yet, try out the Driftmoon demo. Not only is there an excellent adventure in it, you can also play all of the Driftmoon mods and even make your own adventures and roleplaying games, completely free of charge!

Game Changelog

  • Improved minimap accuracy.
  • Fixed characters jumping around on low framerates.
  • Improved performance by optimizing terrain rendering, increases framerate up to 30% in certain locations.
  • Fixed error where items given to companions sometimes reduced the stats they were supposed to improve. This fixes the bug where companions with agility-affecting items started walking backwards when their agility became negative.
  • Physics simulation is more stable on low framerates.
  • Holding down shift while moving an item splits a stack of items.

Modding Changelog

  • Item graphics can now be set from an object file. This makes it possible to use any type of graphics and even animations for an item.
  • To use the new accurate minimaps in mods, go to map settings and activate the "Fit minimap to borders" setting. Remember to re-render and save the minimap.
  • When painting terrain, the currently used terrain is now shown without the smoothing effect.
  • Added possibility to show terrain layer count. The layer count can be reduced by using less textures per terrain block. Reducing the amount of layers per terrain block improves the framerate.
  • Changed the callscript action to run only one script of type Startrandom, if it finds more than one.
  • It's now possible to have a separate item image in the inventory and on the ground by using the pictureOnGround property.
  • IsTagNear now works for terrain objects and items.

[Update] 0.991 fixes a small error with the new stun effect. Apparently it was possible to attack it.

[Update] 0.992 fixes the companion-repeating bug caused by the previous fix. If you have too many followers, the only way to fix it is to go back to a save where you didn't, and never go back to any areas where you visited before the update.

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